Speaker ‘Rocky Veach’

Crossing Over – part 3

Saturday May 4, 2019

Pastor Rocky Veach mentioned that God is calling us to cross over. Unlock the key to the religion began. He is always using you to reach other places. One will one purpose of God. God is steady and strong. Get your eyes back on Jesus. We’re just ministering to those who are called. Faith is the responsibility we have. Pastor Rocky read out of Hebrews 11, we are answering the call to stand out for God. It requires going to the other side. There is a time to be among them, time to be along side God, and a time to be on assignment. Don’t give yourself over to suggestions. Don’t believe everything you see or hear. Pastor Rocky read out of Hebrews 8 and referenced Hebrews 16, the church was defeated by their own success. Pastor Rocky had read from Hebrews 4:16 and referenced Acts 15.

Crossing Over – part 2

Friday May 3, 2019

Pastor Rocky Veach mentioned that God wants to engage us. God chooses to use us in the plan. Many people are awakening. Pastor Rocky encourages us to get present with the Lord and intend to be called. It is like a blank canvas and throwing paint at it. Jesus is worth your time. It’s dealing with the process. Pastor Rocky read out of Revelation 1:12 and Hebrews 6:1, get past the foundation. Sometimes depression or sadness comes but, you got to remember what Jesus has done. Give God time, because God is interested in houses. Pastor Rocky read from Acts 3, we still have an on going relationship with the Lord. Where are our ears? Are you hearing? Ears have a lot to do with the condition of our heart.

Crossing Over – part 1

Thursday May 2, 2019

Pastor Rocky Veach mentioned that we minimize God’s plan. Take advantage of what He has called us to do. To set the limits or the boundaries in advance. Jesus died to deliver us from our old nature. Rocky read from Hebrews 1. Rocky talked about how him and his wife almost had a divorce but, God had come through. The reason few are chosen is because there is time involved. You are chosen but, do you chose to be chosen? It comes down to words, to find out what it means and how it is used. You go into levels of sleep. Dreams usually have a lot to do with what is going on. We see through a glass darkly. God wants to talk to those who have a calling. We are not moving forward with the call. To cross over into a region beyond is what Hebrews mean. Abraham’s name got changed to Hebrew in Genesis 14. If we don’t pay attention to God we will not hear Him. Rocky references Romans 8. Much of the church is asleep. God is going to raise up a might people because they know their God. It is time to rise up in your call and in the authority of God. Hebrews start in the book of Psalms. Rocky referenced Psalms 110. Our call is a continuation of His call. We are not to do it alone. God has got His eye on you. He waits for the precious fruit of the earth.

Rocky – The Mystery of the Body of Christ: Working Together Ron – You Are Not Here, But There

Wednesday January 20, 2016

Offering Message (Jay Stoltzfus): Philippians 4:10, 19. Believe God to receive more. The blessing is not just for us but for the people we are ministering to. Pastor Jay shared how God turned an $8,000 mistake into a $20,000 blessing. Pastor Syd Ropp: Those who hear the Word and keep it are blessed (Luke 11). Be careful how you hear and do it. Ask, seek, and knock. How much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him. Daily ask the Father to fill you with the Holy Spirit. Sermon Message (Rocky Veach): God is building His body on the earth. We are to do His will. Matthew 17. The key words are “mystery” and “workings”. The church is a mystery, a secret society, but we have made it common.  There are more than 30,000 denominations. The real church is mysterious, and it will overcome. We are to know Him. We are to love. There is only one church. Rocky shared his testimony about a small church near his grandmother’s house. He was drawn to that mysterious place at the age of four. The Lord drew him; it was a mystery, and that is what drew him when he was eighteen years old. The church is the force that restrains. We must know God and recover the church, one person at a time, one church at a time. The church is “the call”. The church is about the call to follow Jesus Christ together, to come out into public together. It is not a building. We just keep doing church. Jesus paid the price. Is Jesus in the body? What are we gifted to do? What have You called us into to do? Solve problems in the spirit realm with God and come to Jesus. The mindset of Jesus is found in Acts. Jesus shows how to teach people the mystery of God. Jesus used the word “church” at a place of iniquity, a place where the fallen angels had come down and corrupted mankind (Matthew 16:13). He came to tell them how to stop the mystery of iniquity. Jesus asked His disciples who they thought He was, and Peter said that He is the Christ, the Son of the living God (Matthew 16:16). Right now being an agnostic is the thing. That just means people who have some knowledge, wisdom, and religion, but are without God. Many people will fall away from the faith, if they do not have the Word in them. God works through the Word. It works in the heart (Hebrews 4:12). Be in the Word all the time. Truth in your life enables you to detect deception. There are many wrong spirits in the church today. We should want what is God’s will. God deliver me from me. We should want the mysterious church, the church that is led by the Spirit of God. We should not do what we want to do. With faith all things are possible, so that we can be the real church. The remnant church is the underground church. The underground church in China is not free to worship, but they are sending out missionaries. They are willing to take the land and die if needed. (He talked about The Heavenly Man and The Underground Church.) Help us. We want to do God’s will. Deal with your heart first. We must have the Word, the Spirit, and the body of Christ. This is the mystery of godliness, the mystery of faith. Who do you say Jesus is? Jesus was saying that He was the man to help mankind and to stand in the gap for us. We must hear from God. We are built to succeed spiritually and militarily. We have the keys in Him, but we must think like God. In Revelation 1:9 John was in prison because he was a Christian and shared the testimony of Jesus Christ. We should be out in the world to preach the truth. There can be trouble when you preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Keep going in following God’s call. Follow Him and trust in Him. Be a Joshua, Caleb, or a David. John was in the Spirit. It is like we are not really here, but we are there (Revelation 1:10). “We’re not really here, but we’re there.” The Bible says we are Jesus! As He is, so are we. We are His body. He raised us up together. It is a mystery, because we do not know how that can be true. God was in Christ. We should speak the Gospel. It is powerful and mysterious. God spoke to John that He is the beginning and the end. John turned to see the voice Who spoke to him, and he saw seven golden candlesticks. He saw the glory of God and the anointing of God.  The seven candlesticks are the seven churches (Revelation 1:20). The first thing John saw was the church before he saw Jesus. What God fulfills, He does through the real, mysterious church. Our job is a high calling. His grace is a burden of responsibility that works by faith. We should let His grace work through us. When we are in Jesus, there is a revelation of the church in Him. God wants us to come back to Him. God is calling you. Answer your call. What is the way You are showing me? When we see You, we shall be like You. Ron Cohn: The way the Father sees things if that we are no longer here, but there. We are to see things eternally, not temporally. As you have walked life facing problems and care, you realize now you are no longer here, but there. As you walked in the earth, and Satan tried to get you to stare, you realize now you are no longer here, but there. As you walked in the earth, sometimes weather that was bad, and weather that was fair, you now realize you are no longer here, but there. When things seemed short, and there was not enough to share, you realize now you are no longer here, but there. The day that you gather around the throne, and there’ll be no care nor fear, you will no longer be there, but here. Bob Hawk: God wants to activate the stirring of the healing anointing in the CWI body. We will need to step out in uncomfortable situations. Jesus taught, preached, and healing.  God anointed Jesus, and He healed all who were oppressed by the devil for God was with Him (Acts 10:38). Act on what you believe. Think, if the house was burning, you’d get everyone out. We are to take out the good news. We need to help others. There are places we need to be for divine appointment and assignments. Walk out of your comfort zones. Separate yourself so you can know your sonship and the maturity that He is calling you to. Maturity is walking by His Spirit and listening to God’s voice. He will show us what to do, if we pay attention to Him. We have to lay down the sin. He has instructed us. Our part is to submit and obey to His voice. Things are subject to change very quickly in this nation. His healing virtue shall flow from your hands. Lay your hands on the sick, and they will recover in the name of Jesus Christ. God has called you to Himself. Ask, seek, and knock. God wants to visit us as a church. There is a spiritual fire in you. Expect to receive the tangible presence of God’s healing power and for signs following. Step out if you hear a word. He has anointed us to be His hands. It is the hour.

The Mystery of the Body of Christ – Together – Tuesday Jan 19

Tuesday January 19, 2016

Pastor Syd encouraged all to be careful listeners and doers. Rocky Veach: Coming back from Australia, Rocky sensed a spiritual darkness upon arriving in the USA. This is a critical time. We have become familiar with the ways things are, but we need to remember who we are and who Jesus is. We need to walk as God has laid out for us to walk. His yoke is easy and His burden is light, but it is still a yoke and a burden. We are to make a difference here and to hold back darkness, doing what God wants us to do. There are some teachers, and there are some builders. We are to build in the Spirit. Expect to finish your race. Believe that you are going to make it. There are two things happening in the world. One is the mystery of iniquity, which is the world system, which is against the body of Christ. The other is the mystery of godliness and faith. The book of Revelation talks first to the church. Church is a bad word. The right word is the call of God. We are a body. The vision of a believer is to do the will of God. Do not go with the flow but make a difference. We should be impacting issues like abortion and stop looking like everyone else. The Word is deadly. You do not play with it. God wants us to get things working and stop acting like everything is fine. Text: Ephesians 2. God, in His mercy and great love, made us alive (quickened us), who were dead in sins. He made us alive (quickened us) together with Christ. He raised us up together. He made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus. He fitted us together. We are being built together for a dwelling place of God in the Spirit. The books Paul wrote were to groups of people. God, wake us up. We are the ones to choose to walk out the call of God for ourselves. Take what you can and move with it. The opposition we may face is nothing compared to the glory. We are not to treat God as common. We should not be that easy to figure out, because we are a secret society (Ephesians1). The Ephesians 1 and 3 prayers are powerful. God wants to give us the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him. God is working with the energy in us that was in Jesus. Spiritual issues manifest in more obvious problems, such as in areas of relationships, finances, and health. Darkness is the working of Satan. The workings of God are in our coming to Him, specifically in prayer. We have to work with Him and step into spiritual things. Do we want the spirit of revelation? Find out who God is and the power He has. Expect supernatural things. If you keep coming up to a wall, come into the secret place with God and find out what is the spiritual barrier. We need to be in our prayer closet. God hears the voice of the Spirit. Pray in the Spirit. Get the armor on and get into the Spirit. Build what builds the heart of God. We need to be difference-makers. The Ephesians prayers, chapters 1 and 3, are about what should happen in us. The mystery needs to be working. Prayer is spiritual warfare. Satan copies what God does. Sadly, many in the body do not even believe in the devil. Bohemian Grove is an evil and real place. Many in the church ignore or refuse to believe the evil that is happening, BUT GOD!

Four speakers – Monday evening – Jan 18

Monday January 18, 2016

Pastor Syd (Hearing and Listening for God’s Spirit’s Leading): Isaiah 50:4, 5. We need open ears to hear what the Lord is saying. Pastor Syd told of how he stood in faith to hear what the Holy Spirit wanted him to do concerning a school for his son, but no answer was coming. He asked the Lord about it, and he heard all the word curses he had spoken against school when he was a child. He immediately repented and put the blood of Jesus over those he had cursed. Immediately He gave him the name of the school and the first grade teacher, and so he knew which was God’s choice. In Mark 4:9 Jesus said, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear!” This was the Parable of the Sower. Mark 4:22 tells about the hidden and revealed things, and also says in verse 23, “If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear.” We have to pay attention to what we hear. He will show you more if you recognize that the Lord is speaking to you. Then be careful how you hear. We need God’s Spirit to know His hidden wisdom (1 Corinthians 2:6-3:3). He has revealed the hidden things of what He has prepared for us. The deep things are the things we need to develop and cultivate. The natural mind does not receive the things of the Spirit of God. We have the mind of Christ. Paul tired to speak of spiritual things to the people, but they were too carnal to receive them.

Bob Hawk gave a word about shifting, preparation, an awakening, a stirring within us, removing weights, running with new shoes and with the Word. This is a new day and hour of God’s power.

Rocky Veach: A great thing is ahead of us. There is preparation. Rocky shared how one month after he was born-again, the Lord showed him a photograph and said that she was his wife. Expect to hear. Expect Him to surprise you. Expect Him to speak to you. Put yourself in a position to hear. He said that 2016 is “The Year of the Angler”. Put your line with a big hook in the water and let the Lord give you a big catch, some big fish. Jesus used parables because the ones who do not have a heart to hear, will not hear. Parables bypassed the natural mind and were meant to go to the heart. We are open to subliminal things, but open yourselves to the Word and hear what God has to say.

Ron Cohn: Secrets. Hearing. Changing. We should hear the secrets of God and then change. The secret things belong to the Lord our God (Deuteronomy 29:29). Everyday God does something to us, for us, and through us. He shared about paying attention to God connections, like seeing “Rocky” on a TV in a business he was in the same day he was going to meet Rocky Veach for the first time. The body of Christ needs to be ready to hear God’s revelations. Some things God reveals to you are never to be shared, if people are not ready to hear them. There is an alignment of heaven and earth. Ron shared about a “God meeting” with a young man at the gas station and how he knows that his obedience caused that man’s life to be forever changed. Are you willing to pay the price to get God’s secrets? To do that you must cut some things off and consecrate yourself. When God’s secrets are given to a person, they become revelations. God does not hide things from us but for us. In Daniel1:20 Daniel and the three other Hebrews were willing to pay the price and were ten times better than all the magicians and astrologers. God reveals secrets (Daniel 2:21, 28, 29). Ron shared four recent occurrences, such as words from God and open visions that he was to share with people. Can God trust you with His secrets? Will you be willing to pay the price? God knows what is in the darkness. God has His own noise cancellation system. It is not praise and worship. It is a joyful noise.

How to Be a Man or Woman of God in an Ungodly World – part 3

Sunday September 28, 2014

In Acts 19 Paul found men to be men of God in Ephesians. Ephesus was shaken for two years as a result of those men. Preach the gospel of the kingdom. What is God planning to do in the kingdom? Let’s let God do what He wants to do. We need the bold strength of men. Only fear God. Open yourself and let God be God. The book Rocky wrote,Jesus’ Return, came from one year of hearing God to prepare the church. We can let God’s kingdom be in each one of us. Some men are teachers. Some people are builders. It is about what God is doing in you. You need to do your part. Ezekiel and Isaiah said, “I need one man.” Get all the way in! Let God be strong again. Do what He tells you to do. Here’s my heart, Lord. Churches and lives are about ministering to the Lord. Soul and flesh need to be touched and cleansed. God wants to touch that part of you that you like in your flesh. Bring the fight to the enemy. Let God do what He wants to do. (Rocky tells about God telling him to go to Newtown, Connecticut before the Newtown shootings.)

How to Be a Man or Woman of God in an Ungodly World – part 2

Saturday September 27, 2014

The Word is able to pierce down to the center of your being. It is able to change you from the inside out. The Word is something we have to give our time to so it can penetrate into your soul (Hebrews 4:12). God wants us to know our heart so we can know His heart. We must make room for God in our heart. The Word will let you know what the intents are of your heart. If you reflect on the Word, it is like a mirror that reflects back to you who you are and who God wants you to be. Then you can discern what is of you and what is of God. There has been a long season of dryness spiritually in our country. We have to watch that we are not dry because we are in a dry season. God is going to rain on the church again, but He is asking, “Who wants to be ready?” We are walking in the shadow of the Almighty. We are not from here. Do not mistake your conditions for God’s intentions. Give the Word place in your hearts to move deep inside you. Bring a heart of humility to the Lord. I need You. Let Him and make you “wet” on the inside, so you can help bring rain on the outside to those who are needy. The “mother” of forty parables (pictures of the kingdom) is the parable of the sower and seed. God is in charge. He knows what He is doing. Do we want to know? God sows the Word. God wants to make something out of you and out of the church. First of all, you have to be kingdom-minded. Jesus said the kingdom is at hand. John the Baptist came to prepare people for the coming of the kingdom. Where he was, was in the wilderness. It was a journey to get there. That is what it is like sometimes: you have to go through some things that make you think that it cannot be the kingdom. Sometimes we get into dry spells, and we ask if God is there. Is this religion or reality? Many of us have not seen God radically come to His church and do a work that the world cannot overlook. The seed is in the ground and needs to be grounded. God is working underground. There is a process of the seed-shell to be broken. You need to willingly go. God wants to use you to be something you cannot believe God would use you to do. Let God be God, but some of that process is underground. We are going to bring the war to the terrorists. When the church rises up, it shifts things in the Spirit. The spirit-realm activates what is planted in the ground and says, “Come alive!” The process of what is happening in you will start to work through you. The Word of God penetrates. God knows how to save the world today. He knows how to make the church ready and different. God is the only One who can make you radical. In 1 Timothy 6:11-12 Paul called Timothy, who he was training, “O man of God”. He told him to fight the good fight of faith. We, too, are to lay hold on eternal life. You are called. Many are called, but few are chosen. God wants you to be chosen. You are called to be conformed to His image. We are to enforce the victory that God has won. To get to the end God wants, we have to go through growth. We have to want God. In 2 Timothy 3, Paul again says, “Man of God”. He again told him to fight the good fight of faith. Do not neglect the gift, but stir up the gift. We have neglected some things. Repent and move on past those neglected things. Let the fire of God fall on you. Let the Word have free course through you and this church that men may recognize that God is true. (He prophesied that there is a revival work underground, but it is coming up.) (Rocky shared a dream from the early 2000s. God is seeking out the church in the last day. (There was a word of encouragement about using the gifts God has given each one, followed by the ministry to those who want God’s gifts in them released.) Learn to recognize patterns of what God is doing.

Word given on September 27, 2014 by Larry Hostetter after Rocky Veach preached on “How to Be a Man or Woman of God in an Ungodly World”

You know, I created each one of you. Each one of you is special in My sight, and I put things deep down in your heart, and maybe you think, “I can’t do it! I don’t have the talents and abilities to do it! I’m afraid to do it! I may have the gift in me, but I’m afraid to step out and do it!”

I’m with you. Those giftings which I have placed within you are real. You have them all bottled-up in that seed, but I want to water it. I want to get rid of all the weeds. I want to get rid of everything that would hold you back to be what I want you to be, because those giftings I placed in you, even in your mother’s womb, and I planned them to bring life. I planned them to touch peoples’ lives, but if you don’t allow Me to water you, if you don’t step out in faith and trust in Me to be and do all I’ve called you to do, it’s never going to happen. It breaks My heart, because I created each one of you to be a part of My church, whether it’s to go to your next door neighbor, or it’s to witness at work. When you work in your job, you work for Me first. Oh, indeed you have bosses and indeed you better work properly and well, but I’ll tell you, if you’re working for Me, you’re going to be the best that you can be. That’s what I’ve called you to be. I want you to be the best you can be. This is a tough world, but it’s going to get tougher, and there is so much to do, so I’m asking you, let Me water you. Step out in faith. Take those weeds out of your life, because it’s your job. Those things that don’t belong in your life, I haven’t placed them there. The devil did and he’s out to kill, steal, and destroy, so weed your gardens. Weed your lives. Rid yourself of those things that don’t belong there, and grow in Me. Grow  in My Word. Grow in My understanding, My revelation. I’ve given you the Holy Spirit to help you in that. He is so real. You need to learn to  hear Him, and then you need to learn to be obedient. He’s your best friend. How do you those voices? By the Word of God. The devil whispers in your ears, but you need to know the Word of God. You need to place it in your heart. Then you listen to that voice, that still small voice, and the more you hear it, the more you train your ears by the Word of God, the more you’ll know His voice, and the easier it is to obey. So I’m calling you. Weed your gardens. Get in those showers of blessings, and break open that seed. Break it open so that He can use you. He wants to use you. The Lord wants to use you.

So be faithful, My children. Be faithful because I love you. I died for you, and I have plans for you. Every one of you.

How to Be a Man or Woman of God in an Ungodly World – part 1

Friday September 26, 2014

Rocky Veach: [God wants you to do what He wants you to do, spirit, soul, and body. Our heart can let in things from the soul or the Spirit. The Word is what determines whether it comes from the soul or the Spirit. Ask God, “What do You want me to be?” What do You want this church to be? The soul needs to be transformed. It is hard to control what your heart wants. Get quiet and see what is in your heart. When we have been disobedient, it accumulates. We need to awaken to God and let God do what He wants to do. To be a man or woman of God we need to associate closely with Him. Today will require more of your heart. God’s plan is waiting for you. Use the S-L-A-N-T reminder: Sit up in life, saying, “I’m here.” Listen to God.Ask questions. Nod yes. Track with your eyes. A Christian is a follower of Jesus. Look for key people in your life. God wants you to talk to others about Jesus.] In 2 Kings 1, after Israel’s evil king, Ahab, died, Ahaziah became king. He fell and was injured, so he sent messengers to inquire of the god of Ekron whether he would die. The angel of the Lord told Elijah the prophet to intercept the messengers. He was to ask them if there is no God in Israel that they are inquiring of the god of Ekron and to tell them that the king was going to die. The king sent fifty men to get Elijah to come back with them to him. They called Elijah, “Man of God”. Elijah said that if he is a man of God, let fire come down from heaven and consume the captain and his fifty men. God did, because they were mocking Him. Two more times the king sent fifty men with the same result to the second group, but the captain of the third group pleaded with Elijah to go to the king. God told him that he was to do so and not be afraid. He went to the king, and the king died. Being a man of God is a serious thing. It means you are in strong association with God. Be established in the Lord, and do not let church and Christianity become common. The five-fold ministers train the saints. Apostles build things. The prophet says, “Thus says the Lord.” How do we treat a man of God or the concept of God? We cry out, “Let my life and the lives of these servants be precious in Your sight”. How far do you want to go with God? Let God reveal what He wants to do in you. Intercessors are needed to stand relentlessly in the gap and to make hedges. It has to come from within you. David worshiped God. God is inside you. The most important thing is the call of God.