How to Be a Man or Woman of God in an Ungodly World – part 1

Friday September 26, 2014

Rocky Veach: [God wants you to do what He wants you to do, spirit, soul, and body. Our heart can let in things from the soul or the Spirit. The Word is what determines whether it comes from the soul or the Spirit. Ask God, “What do You want me to be?” What do You want this church to be? The soul needs to be transformed. It is hard to control what your heart wants. Get quiet and see what is in your heart. When we have been disobedient, it accumulates. We need to awaken to God and let God do what He wants to do. To be a man or woman of God we need to associate closely with Him. Today will require more of your heart. God’s plan is waiting for you. Use the S-L-A-N-T reminder: Sit up in life, saying, “I’m here.” Listen to God.Ask questions. Nod yes. Track with your eyes. A Christian is a follower of Jesus. Look for key people in your life. God wants you to talk to others about Jesus.] In 2 Kings 1, after Israel’s evil king, Ahab, died, Ahaziah became king. He fell and was injured, so he sent messengers to inquire of the god of Ekron whether he would die. The angel of the Lord told Elijah the prophet to intercept the messengers. He was to ask them if there is no God in Israel that they are inquiring of the god of Ekron and to tell them that the king was going to die. The king sent fifty men to get Elijah to come back with them to him. They called Elijah, “Man of God”. Elijah said that if he is a man of God, let fire come down from heaven and consume the captain and his fifty men. God did, because they were mocking Him. Two more times the king sent fifty men with the same result to the second group, but the captain of the third group pleaded with Elijah to go to the king. God told him that he was to do so and not be afraid. He went to the king, and the king died. Being a man of God is a serious thing. It means you are in strong association with God. Be established in the Lord, and do not let church and Christianity become common. The five-fold ministers train the saints. Apostles build things. The prophet says, “Thus says the Lord.” How do we treat a man of God or the concept of God? We cry out, “Let my life and the lives of these servants be precious in Your sight”. How far do you want to go with God? Let God reveal what He wants to do in you. Intercessors are needed to stand relentlessly in the gap and to make hedges. It has to come from within you. David worshiped God. God is inside you. The most important thing is the call of God.