Crossing Over – part 1

Thursday May 2, 2019

Pastor Rocky Veach mentioned that we minimize God’s plan. Take advantage of what He has called us to do. To set the limits or the boundaries in advance. Jesus died to deliver us from our old nature. Rocky read from Hebrews 1. Rocky talked about how him and his wife almost had a divorce but, God had come through. The reason few are chosen is because there is time involved. You are chosen but, do you chose to be chosen? It comes down to words, to find out what it means and how it is used. You go into levels of sleep. Dreams usually have a lot to do with what is going on. We see through a glass darkly. God wants to talk to those who have a calling. We are not moving forward with the call. To cross over into a region beyond is what Hebrews mean. Abraham’s name got changed to Hebrew in Genesis 14. If we don’t pay attention to God we will not hear Him. Rocky references Romans 8. Much of the church is asleep. God is going to raise up a might people because they know their God. It is time to rise up in your call and in the authority of God. Hebrews start in the book of Psalms. Rocky referenced Psalms 110. Our call is a continuation of His call. We are not to do it alone. God has got His eye on you. He waits for the precious fruit of the earth.