Series ‘Praise and Worship’

Praise and Worship Part 1

Sunday December 6, 2009

The move of God is most often impacted by our worship. The Spirit of God poured out on us changes the music, and brings a new song. Don’t worship the form or symbol of praise and worship. When God told Moses to make a bronze serpent on a pole so anyone bitten by a serpent would live, the people eventually began worshiping it, and today people are tempted to worship “praise and worship” and not God in their worship. Just like David, our singing should be from the Word. We can participate in worship to God through the Psalms, which were written for a people yet to be created (Psalms 102:18). Born-again believers are new creations, a new species that never existed before. What’s the difference between praise and worship? Praise is thanking God for what He’s done. Praise to God evokes a response. Worship is thanking God for who He is. Ps. 100:1 tells us to make a joyful noise unto the Lord. If you have joy, you’ll respond. Pastor Dale tells his experience with Gene Olon who was beaten in Romania, destroying 22% of his brain. Pastor Dale struggled to praise, but he did and Gene was healed and restored. Ps. 149:5 tells us to sing aloud on our bed of affliction. What’s the difference between joy and happiness? Joy is a spiritual fruit. Happiness is an emotional response. Pastor Dale shares about the time when he ministered to a Russian who found out in Moscow that his church in Siberia was set on fire and how he gave him $500, which the pastor turned around and sowed in an offering for a Christian speaker. God told him in turn to take an offering for the Siberian pastor and a new church building was built. King David couldn’t praise God like we can, because we are new creations. Worship is not an emotional response.

Praise and Worship Part 2

Sunday December 13, 2009

There are powerful words: the pest-controller is in the house, the sandstorm is over, and you are free. Pastor Dale delivers the Word, teaching on praise and worship. Ps. 100:1 and 2. Serve means to worship, and worship means bowing down and kissing the ground, surrendering and submitting to God as your authority and is your surrendering to Him as His servant. Rom. 12:1 We are to worship with our bodies. Getting your eyes on Jesus and entering into His presence takes the focus off forms of worship. Gen. 28:16 You can know the Lord is in a place by the fear of the Lord and by God making Himself known to you. God’s essential presence is everywhere (Jer. 23:24; Ps. 139:7). The presence of God is apprehended by faith, not emotions and feeling good. He’s with you now. You’ll lose faith is you live by feelings. Sometimes God is more felt than other times, and God introduces Himself. This is His effective presence. Admitting God is here is worship. Sometimes there is a cloud of glory, as Pastor Dale experienced in a service in Titusville. Praise brings you into God’s presence, and worship is your confessing and knowing He is your God and Lord. In Ex. 15:1 and 2, Moses sang to the Lord that he will prepare Him a habitation. Ps. 22:2 God is enthroned with our praises. Preparing God a habitation is the issue. God wants to make Himself known to His people. Worship takes us places. We worship by faith. The Lord IS WITH YOU!

Praise and Worship Part 3

Sunday December 20, 2009

Ps. 100:1-3. We are to worship God with gladness. Sadness and emotional tears are not worship. Worship is not about you, but it is between you and God. Offering praise and worshiping God is a sacrifice. We do it, not because we like to do so, but because we are obedient to God. We need to sacrifice our singing to the Lord; singing can pull in the supernatural. In John 4:18-24 Jesus told the Samaritan woman that we are to worship God in spirit and truth. We can only worship God as far as we know Him. Jesus gave us two “musts”: You must be born-again, and you must worship God in spirit and truth. In Luke 19:40 He said that if the people do not worship, even the rocks will cry out. We were created to worship God! In Mark 5 the demoniac worshiped Jesus. Demon-possessed people will worship Jesus quicker than religious people. To get out of depression- LEARN TO WORSHIP GOD. Pastor Dale tells the story of Terry Law, who was serving the Lord taking Bibles behind the Iron Curtain, and while he was in England, he received word that his wife and four daughters were all killed in an accident. He met with Oral Roberts after a long, hard time of depression and despair, and Oral told him to get on his knees and worship God. It was a sacrifice of praise and worship, and it breaks depression.

Praise and Worship Part 4

Sunday December 27, 2009

John 4:24 tells us to worship God in spirit and truth. When we become new creations, that means we are made out of nothing. Paul could say things Saul could not. Worship (serve) is presenting your body to the Lord. The believer is created to worship God. Eph. 5:18, 19 and Col. 3:16 speak of allowing the Spirit and the Word to dwell in us and then to sing in the Spirit and in the Word. Rom. 1:9 and Phil. 3:3 tell us that we should worship God with our spirit. I Cor. 14:12-14 reminds us to be zealous for spiritual gifts, but that it should be for the edification of the church, and that we operate in love, wanting the person to be free. You can pray in tongues, sing in tongues, and pray with the understanding (interpretation; English). There were Words to the church and to individuals.

Praise and Worship Part 5

Sunday January 3, 2010

God is good, and the devil is bad! When you understand that God is good, you stop asking, “Why?” Being emotional is not getting into the presence of God. (Ps. 100) It’s in His presence and recognizing His presence that we can worship God. We need to worship God in Spirit and truth. The Word (spoken or sung) is truth. Make sure you are worshiping the true God, not the God” you’d like Him to be. Believe Jesus. What God are you serving? Eph. 5:17, 18 We are to be “drunk in the Holy Spirit”. Get filled up with the Word and ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit and choose to praise and worship God before and so that you see the victory.

Praise and Worship Part 6

Sunday January 17, 2010

Pastor Dale preaches on Ps. 100:1-5; Ps. 8:2; Matt. 21:16; Phil. 4:6. Learn to quiet the devil. How? Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord when the enemy comes. The devil hates women and also praise and worship. Learn about and focus on Jesus and remember the devil is scared of you. Look to the Lord, not at the problem. Praise will help you keep your perspectives and motives straight. Listen to many powerful experiences Pastor Dale has had to demonstrate the power of praise in the face of serious conditions.