Praise and Worship Part 2

Sunday December 13, 2009

There are powerful words: the pest-controller is in the house, the sandstorm is over, and you are free. Pastor Dale delivers the Word, teaching on praise and worship. Ps. 100:1 and 2. Serve means to worship, and worship means bowing down and kissing the ground, surrendering and submitting to God as your authority and is your surrendering to Him as His servant. Rom. 12:1 We are to worship with our bodies. Getting your eyes on Jesus and entering into His presence takes the focus off forms of worship. Gen. 28:16 You can know the Lord is in a place by the fear of the Lord and by God making Himself known to you. God’s essential presence is everywhere (Jer. 23:24; Ps. 139:7). The presence of God is apprehended by faith, not emotions and feeling good. He’s with you now. You’ll lose faith is you live by feelings. Sometimes God is more felt than other times, and God introduces Himself. This is His effective presence. Admitting God is here is worship. Sometimes there is a cloud of glory, as Pastor Dale experienced in a service in Titusville. Praise brings you into God’s presence, and worship is your confessing and knowing He is your God and Lord. In Ex. 15:1 and 2, Moses sang to the Lord that he will prepare Him a habitation. Ps. 22:2 God is enthroned with our praises. Preparing God a habitation is the issue. God wants to make Himself known to His people. Worship takes us places. We worship by faith. The Lord IS WITH YOU!