Praise and Worship Part 1

Sunday December 6, 2009

The move of God is most often impacted by our worship. The Spirit of God poured out on us changes the music, and brings a new song. Don’t worship the form or symbol of praise and worship. When God told Moses to make a bronze serpent on a pole so anyone bitten by a serpent would live, the people eventually began worshiping it, and today people are tempted to worship “praise and worship” and not God in their worship. Just like David, our singing should be from the Word. We can participate in worship to God through the Psalms, which were written for a people yet to be created (Psalms 102:18). Born-again believers are new creations, a new species that never existed before. What’s the difference between praise and worship? Praise is thanking God for what He’s done. Praise to God evokes a response. Worship is thanking God for who He is. Ps. 100:1 tells us to make a joyful noise unto the Lord. If you have joy, you’ll respond. Pastor Dale tells his experience with Gene Olon who was beaten in Romania, destroying 22% of his brain. Pastor Dale struggled to praise, but he did and Gene was healed and restored. Ps. 149:5 tells us to sing aloud on our bed of affliction. What’s the difference between joy and happiness? Joy is a spiritual fruit. Happiness is an emotional response. Pastor Dale shares about the time when he ministered to a Russian who found out in Moscow that his church in Siberia was set on fire and how he gave him $500, which the pastor turned around and sowed in an offering for a Christian speaker. God told him in turn to take an offering for the Siberian pastor and a new church building was built. King David couldn’t praise God like we can, because we are new creations. Worship is not an emotional response.