Praise and Worship Part 3

Sunday December 20, 2009

Ps. 100:1-3. We are to worship God with gladness. Sadness and emotional tears are not worship. Worship is not about you, but it is between you and God. Offering praise and worshiping God is a sacrifice. We do it, not because we like to do so, but because we are obedient to God. We need to sacrifice our singing to the Lord; singing can pull in the supernatural. In John 4:18-24 Jesus told the Samaritan woman that we are to worship God in spirit and truth. We can only worship God as far as we know Him. Jesus gave us two “musts”: You must be born-again, and you must worship God in spirit and truth. In Luke 19:40 He said that if the people do not worship, even the rocks will cry out. We were created to worship God! In Mark 5 the demoniac worshiped Jesus. Demon-possessed people will worship Jesus quicker than religious people. To get out of depression- LEARN TO WORSHIP GOD. Pastor Dale tells the story of Terry Law, who was serving the Lord taking Bibles behind the Iron Curtain, and while he was in England, he received word that his wife and four daughters were all killed in an accident. He met with Oral Roberts after a long, hard time of depression and despair, and Oral told him to get on his knees and worship God. It was a sacrifice of praise and worship, and it breaks depression.