Speaker ‘Kurt Owen’

How To Hear Accurately From God – part 3

Saturday January 20, 2024

Psalm 32:8 tells us that God will instruct and teach us in the way we should go, and He will guide us with His eye. He shows us His will. What if we make a mistake of determining His will? Keep your conscience turned on, and do not turn your hearing from God over to someone else. Shut up your will, so you can hear God’s will.

Be Aggressive With Your Sword

Saturday April 1, 2023

Tithing Message: Proverbs 1:2-6; 3:9. How do I secure my financial future? I honor the Lord and remember how I was touched by the Lord. Release your worship, faith, and thankfulness. This is wisdom, not law. Sermon Message: The devil tries to wear you out. Stand! Be aggressive with your mouth, speaking the Word. (James 3:3-6) Your tongue is a bridle and a rudder. Pursue maturity. Find out why a person talks the way they do. Pull the bridle and grab the rudder. The closer you get to your destination, the stronger you need to hold onto the rudder. Genesis 27:27-37; Mark 11:22-24; Ephesians 6:10-13; Psalm 39:2-3. Pastor Kurt and Pastor Syd both told of powerful personal testimonies. The gates of hell cannot prevail against us.

Knowing & Believing the Love of God – part 5

Wednesday November 4, 2020

This is a man hunting for a way to show kindness to (2 Samuel 1:1). A man after God’s own heart. Are you His? Don’t let the devil complicate things for you. You should not run from Him. You should be running to Him.

1 Samuel
Exodus 35:21-22, 26, 29
Philippians 1
Isaiah 54:7-10
Ephesians 2:4-6
2 Samuel 9:1-11
John 20:1-2
John 13:23
John 16:23-27

Knowing & Believing the Love of God – part 4

Tuesday November 3, 2020

Your tongue provides to vital functions.  It’s not about a religion, it is about a relationship. Do you want to know the will of God for your life? It’s impossible for God to lie because, it is absolute integrity. The Word is a very thing that created to your body. When you’re praying the word you do not have to convince God to do it. Fatherhood before God hood.

Genesis 2:20
Luke 5:1
Ephesians 1:19
Hebrews 6:13
Ephesians 2
2 Corinthians 13:11
John 15:9
John 17:23
Romans 8:31

Knowing & Believing the Love of God – part 3

Monday November 2, 2020

Take an immediate responsibility of your sins. If you do not then you will continue in that. Genesis 3:12, Adam is not taking responsibility. It’s going to become hard to help people if they do not come to themselves. Don’t demand anyone’s forgiveness. God is already given us everything. It’s already ours. The presence of God is pulling you out of the hole you dug. He doesn’t condemn. And the day of judgment people do not have a boldness and that is why they miss their blessings. Do you love the sin more than you love God?

Genesis 3:6
Psalm 107
Luke 15:10
John 21:
John 8:1-11
1 John 4:

Knowing & Believing the Love of God – part 2

Sunday November 1, 2020

Sometimes people are calling outside God, who some think that He is the one choking them. Genesis 1:25, God is in control. Jesus shows up and is doing the Will  of the Father. People value money more than they value life. So, if God is in control, why is he asking you to make the choice? The Lord says to choose life. That has always been his Will.

Genesis 1
Psalm 8:3-6
Psalm 115:16
Deuteronomy 30:19
Luke 5:17
Mark 6
Luke 6

Knowing & Believing the Love of God – part 1

Saturday October 31, 2020

Pastor Kurt Owen talked about his revelation about God’s love for his life. There is a difference between knowing the love of God and not believing it. In order to believe the love God you got to know about it. Just because somebody is committed to God does not mean that they trust what He says. When you don’t believe the love of God, you are  open to manipulation. You’ll be like God and have the knowledge of good. They didn’t believe that God loved them (Genesis 3:1-3). Why do people commit adultery? Because, people don’t believe that God would provide them with the person that would love them. Why do people covet? Because, they don’t believe that God would provide for them. God loves you more than he loves your sin.

1 John 4:16
John 11:14-40
Luke 11:9-13
Genesis 3:1-3
Ephesians 3:14
Matthew 8:5

The Importance of The Local Church – part 4

Sunday November 3, 2019

Pastor Kurt Owen read out of I Timothy 3:15 and Mark 3:14. You need to know why we go to church. If you don’t understand why, it is easy not to invest in it. Jesus picks those who He wants. Jesus never went down the mountain to drag someone up. When a call gets given all you have to do is make your mind. Grounded or foundation to have stability. It is important that you show up because you are grounded. Pastor Kurt read out of Matthew 9:35-37. Dismayed means scattered or distressed. You can receive a word from God and never see healing because the office of the pastor is not active in your life . The answer is in the local body, if you’d be willing to receive from your pastor

The Importance of The Local Church – part 3

Saturday November 2, 2019
Pastor Kurt Owen read out of I Timothy 3:14 and Corinthians 14:12, you want to use your gifting for the kingdom o God. It’s sad what people would do for the love of money. Start esteeming the word of God and time should be added to you. Expect to reap the harvest. Pastor Kurt read out of Jeremiah 3:15, the pastor is the gift. Understanding in Hebrew means to act with insight, to be prudent, to act with devotion, to give insight. When you go to church you need to make up your mind that you need insight on your situation or problem. If you’re not doing what is taught it doesn’t matter. Pastor Kurt referenced Luke 6 and read from Jeremiah 23:4.

The Importance of The Local Church – part 2

Friday November 1, 2019
Pastor Kurt Owen mentioned that people have lost the value of their church. It is like children with their toys. No matter how precious the gift is, we lose the importance of it. We should not be interested in titles. Pastor Kurt read from I Timothy 3:14, I acknowledge that you are the church. The ground of truth is to make stable. The pastor’s office has the gifting of stability. You have to participate in the service. The pillar of the ground of truth. The defense of truth. The church was created to be a defense of truth. Someone asked Pastor Kurt what his thoughts were on gay marriage? Pastor Kurt mentioned that the position of my King is that a marriage is to be between a man and a women. When the King spoke that was the end of my opinion. You are not being compassionate for anybody if you are not standing for truth. Pastor Kurt read out of Luke 13. Pastor Kurt shared a testimony of when he was in California and sick with pneumonia. He would get better than it would get worse. Florida let him know that he was dealing with the spirit of infirmity that had to be dealt with first. The only thing that matters is the good of the sheep. It does matter where you go to church. Pastor Kurt read from Matthew 9 and I Timothy 2. Somebody can be saved and not come to the knowledge of truth. There is truth of the Lord wants people to know. Pastor Kurt read from Jeremiah 3 and I Thessalonians 3:9.

The Importance of The Local Church – part 1

Thursday October 31, 2019

Word of the Lord through Larry:

Do you know how important the local church is? I have raised up men and women that are supposed to pastor churches. Each of you are a sounding block for Me. Be bold in My love and passions. There are so many that haven’t heard rightly. As you go out into this world I called you to be my light house. Be bold. Be brave. Step out in faith. Be faithful and true because I’m with you. I called you to be a witness of my love and power.
Main Message:
Pastor Kurt Owen mentioned that what we’ve lost is the understanding as to what the church is for. Some people show up because they think they have or think God is going to be angry at them. All of that takes away the purpose of church. Pastor Kurt read from 1 Timothy 3:14. He accepts you despite of how you are. There is a way you ought to conduct yourself. It is not legalism to serve in the local church. You should be doing works for the kingdom of God because you love Him. The building is not the church. You are the church. There is a value to going to the building, the house of God. His name is the only name used as a cuss word. How is it that we don’t reverence the Lord enough to go to church? The local church is supposed to be the pillar of the truth we are continually refreshed and grounded in the truth. Pastor Kurt read from Matthew 9:35 and Luke 5:17.

God Is Crazy in Love with You

Sunday February 12, 2017

Kurt’s introduction before his sermon: The local church is the pillar and the ground of the Truth. It gives the foundation for us to stand on and is the pillar for us to remain strong. Pastors are a specific gift from the Lord. We need to be in church services. Pastor Kurt says that he would find out why someone is losing and not making it. He found that flaky people do not have a church that they are faithful to. Be faithful to your pastor and church. Sermon: Kurt got saved by believing that God had to keep His covenant, even if He did not want to. He turned to Jesus because he was dying of a disease and wanted what He had to offer, not because he believed God loved him. He believed that God responds to His Word by integrity. It is not enough toknow that God loves us, but according to 1 John 4:14-16, we need to believe that He does. Many people know He loves them, but they think that they have disqualified themselves because they messed up. Do we believe His love for us personally? Faith works by love, and when you understand how much God loves you, faith works easier. Kurt compared knowing and believing God to someone he hardly knows saying that he will buy him a suit. Kurt is not going to make any changes according to that. However, if Apostle Dale or Pastor Syd say that to him, he is going to be checking out suits, asking where to shop for them in this area, and making room for it in his suitcase. What is the difference? He knows and believes those two men; he did not really know the other one. Know and believe His love for you. He will keep His promises. He told a story of a man who spent huge amounts on long-distant phone bills to a “crazy” woman. When people asked him why he did it, he said, “Because I love her.” People do crazy things when they are in love. God is crazy in love with you! However, be watchful that you do not abuse His love. It does not mean that you don’t have to listen to Him. Don’t beat yourself up for what you have done, and don’t look more at yourself than at God. Don’t try to find out where you have opened the door to the enemy. If he is beating up you or someone you love, deal with him with your weapon! Cry out to God. If you opened the door, you can sort that out later. In Philippians 4:17 it says about the day of judgment. Don’t be afraid of that. It is a positive thing: He will declare you “not guilty!” Even when He corrects you if is for your own good. Kurt broke his ankle in Israel. It was a day of judgment for him. He was quoting healing Scriptures when it happened, but his mind was saying that he had not been meditating on healing Scriptures very much lately. God did mighty works for even evil places, like Sodom and Gomorrah. We love Him because He first loved us. Be more convinced of His love for you than your love for Him. I love Him, but He loves me all the more. A young man could not talk. Kurt told his father to speak of him as “Speaking Isaiah.” People do crazy things when they are in love. God loves you.

Pastor Syd had a word for Apostle Dale and Teri Armstrong about the Rebecca anointing, anticipation, and expectation. Cathy Ginder, Darryl Balmer, and Ann Borg shared financial and healing testimonies of God’s goodness. We are to rejoice in the Lord always, not worry, and look to the Source (Philippians 4:4-6, 13, 19). Keep your eyes on God as your source, not on your own resources, and don’t limit Him. [A book, The Secret Place of God’s Protection by Gloria Copeland was given to someone whose bulletin had a sticker on it.]