The Importance of The Local Church – part 2

Friday November 1, 2019
Pastor Kurt Owen mentioned that people have lost the value of their church. It is like children with their toys. No matter how precious the gift is, we lose the importance of it. We should not be interested in titles. Pastor Kurt read from I Timothy 3:14, I acknowledge that you are the church. The ground of truth is to make stable. The pastor’s office has the gifting of stability. You have to participate in the service. The pillar of the ground of truth. The defense of truth. The church was created to be a defense of truth. Someone asked Pastor Kurt what his thoughts were on gay marriage? Pastor Kurt mentioned that the position of my King is that a marriage is to be between a man and a women. When the King spoke that was the end of my opinion. You are not being compassionate for anybody if you are not standing for truth. Pastor Kurt read out of Luke 13. Pastor Kurt shared a testimony of when he was in California and sick with pneumonia. He would get better than it would get worse. Florida let him know that he was dealing with the spirit of infirmity that had to be dealt with first. The only thing that matters is the good of the sheep. It does matter where you go to church. Pastor Kurt read from Matthew 9 and I Timothy 2. Somebody can be saved and not come to the knowledge of truth. There is truth of the Lord wants people to know. Pastor Kurt read from Jeremiah 3 and I Thessalonians 3:9.