Series ‘The Importance of The Local Church’

The Importance of The Local Church – part 1

Thursday October 31, 2019

Word of the Lord through Larry:

Do you know how important the local church is? I have raised up men and women that are supposed to pastor churches. Each of you are a sounding block for Me. Be bold in My love and passions. There are so many that haven’t heard rightly. As you go out into this world I called you to be my light house. Be bold. Be brave. Step out in faith. Be faithful and true because I’m with you. I called you to be a witness of my love and power.
Main Message:
Pastor Kurt Owen mentioned that what we’ve lost is the understanding as to what the church is for. Some people show up because they think they have or think God is going to be angry at them. All of that takes away the purpose of church. Pastor Kurt read from 1 Timothy 3:14. He accepts you despite of how you are. There is a way you ought to conduct yourself. It is not legalism to serve in the local church. You should be doing works for the kingdom of God because you love Him. The building is not the church. You are the church. There is a value to going to the building, the house of God. His name is the only name used as a cuss word. How is it that we don’t reverence the Lord enough to go to church? The local church is supposed to be the pillar of the truth we are continually refreshed and grounded in the truth. Pastor Kurt read from Matthew 9:35 and Luke 5:17.

The Importance of The Local Church – part 2

Friday November 1, 2019
Pastor Kurt Owen mentioned that people have lost the value of their church. It is like children with their toys. No matter how precious the gift is, we lose the importance of it. We should not be interested in titles. Pastor Kurt read from I Timothy 3:14, I acknowledge that you are the church. The ground of truth is to make stable. The pastor’s office has the gifting of stability. You have to participate in the service. The pillar of the ground of truth. The defense of truth. The church was created to be a defense of truth. Someone asked Pastor Kurt what his thoughts were on gay marriage? Pastor Kurt mentioned that the position of my King is that a marriage is to be between a man and a women. When the King spoke that was the end of my opinion. You are not being compassionate for anybody if you are not standing for truth. Pastor Kurt read out of Luke 13. Pastor Kurt shared a testimony of when he was in California and sick with pneumonia. He would get better than it would get worse. Florida let him know that he was dealing with the spirit of infirmity that had to be dealt with first. The only thing that matters is the good of the sheep. It does matter where you go to church. Pastor Kurt read from Matthew 9 and I Timothy 2. Somebody can be saved and not come to the knowledge of truth. There is truth of the Lord wants people to know. Pastor Kurt read from Jeremiah 3 and I Thessalonians 3:9.

The Importance of The Local Church – part 3

Saturday November 2, 2019
Pastor Kurt Owen read out of I Timothy 3:14 and Corinthians 14:12, you want to use your gifting for the kingdom o God. It’s sad what people would do for the love of money. Start esteeming the word of God and time should be added to you. Expect to reap the harvest. Pastor Kurt read out of Jeremiah 3:15, the pastor is the gift. Understanding in Hebrew means to act with insight, to be prudent, to act with devotion, to give insight. When you go to church you need to make up your mind that you need insight on your situation or problem. If you’re not doing what is taught it doesn’t matter. Pastor Kurt referenced Luke 6 and read from Jeremiah 23:4.

The Importance of The Local Church – part 4

Sunday November 3, 2019

Pastor Kurt Owen read out of I Timothy 3:15 and Mark 3:14. You need to know why we go to church. If you don’t understand why, it is easy not to invest in it. Jesus picks those who He wants. Jesus never went down the mountain to drag someone up. When a call gets given all you have to do is make your mind. Grounded or foundation to have stability. It is important that you show up because you are grounded. Pastor Kurt read out of Matthew 9:35-37. Dismayed means scattered or distressed. You can receive a word from God and never see healing because the office of the pastor is not active in your life . The answer is in the local body, if you’d be willing to receive from your pastor