The Importance of The Local Church – part 1

Thursday October 31, 2019

Word of the Lord through Larry:

Do you know how important the local church is? I have raised up men and women that are supposed to pastor churches. Each of you are a sounding block for Me. Be bold in My love and passions. There are so many that haven’t heard rightly. As you go out into this world I called you to be my light house. Be bold. Be brave. Step out in faith. Be faithful and true because I’m with you. I called you to be a witness of my love and power.
Main Message:
Pastor Kurt Owen mentioned that what we’ve lost is the understanding as to what the church is for. Some people show up because they think they have or think God is going to be angry at them. All of that takes away the purpose of church. Pastor Kurt read from 1 Timothy 3:14. He accepts you despite of how you are. There is a way you ought to conduct yourself. It is not legalism to serve in the local church. You should be doing works for the kingdom of God because you love Him. The building is not the church. You are the church. There is a value to going to the building, the house of God. His name is the only name used as a cuss word. How is it that we don’t reverence the Lord enough to go to church? The local church is supposed to be the pillar of the truth we are continually refreshed and grounded in the truth. Pastor Kurt read from Matthew 9:35 and Luke 5:17.