Speaker ‘Chester Petersheim’

Youth Trip to Peru; In God’s Presence

Sunday August 16, 2015

The youth did a skit to demonstrate Jesus’ saving power, and then they shared their testimonies of how the mission trip to Peru changed them. Chester and Samantha Petersheim preached about engaging God by getting into His presence. Moses, Noah, Paul, Peter, Daniel, Shadrach, Meschach, and Abednego all experienced the presence of God. When we engage God, He can give us dreams, directions, healing, deliverance, prophecy, love, freedom, peace, grace, strength, protection, and more. Know God. Encounter His presence and see what will happen.

Are You Homesick – April 12

Sunday April 12, 2015

We are part of a heavenly kingdom. Being homesick means a longing for something that is familiar or is a part of you but is missing and nothing else can replace it. Is there anything in you that is replacing God’s kingdom in you? God does not want us to be lukewarm or distracted so that we lose our homesickness for heaven. We are vessels to be used for God and His kingdom here. We can have heaven here because we have Jesus in us. Are we homesick, or are we comfortable? Live a lifestyle that puts you out of your comfort zone. If you are homesick, it is harder to sin and to fall away from God. Matthew 6:19-24 tells us to lay up our treasure in heaven. Your eye is the lamp of the body. You can not serve God and deceit, money, and riches. Pursue God over success. Now is not the time to be comfortable. The times Christ was the most opposed were the times His ministry was the most powerful. The church is not the church it is supposed to be. Christians must be homesick. When the Northern and Southern kingdoms of Israel and Judah were taken over, there was a time of revival when Josiah brought out the books of the Law and tore down the idols of the false gods. There were some people from that time who wanted to serve God and to know His Word, such as Daniel. He and numerous other intelligent men who served God were taken by King Nebuchadnezzar to be trained. The purpose was to brainwash them with worldly knowledge, and lead them away from God. This would cause the other Jews to be led astray, too. This did not happen because one man, Daniel, did not go with the plan. He went with godliness, and the king’s heart was changed. If you give your life to Jesus, the light in you will not die. How do other people see you? Lukewarm; beating them over the head with the Bible? Show people you truly care about them. Let God’s love radiate in you. The Holy Spirit in you changes the atmosphere in a room. Do they know you as a citizen of God’s kingdom? Can they recognize you by your fruit? Why would people want to be in church if the church is like the world? We are to profess the kingdom of God. Galatians 5:9-11 says that a little leaven leavens the whole lump. If you are comfortable, you will not want to change and make a stand against the antichrist. Why are so many pastors preaching about marriage? God wants people to see unconditional love. True marriage is to see the true church. In Acts they sold everything to provide the needs in the community. What is mine is yours. They showed unconditional, godly love. How do we do that? By the Holy Spirit in us. He is our empowerment. Be obedient to the Holy Spirit, and give up comfort to be homesick. Remind yourself who you are in Christ everyday. God loves you.

Armada Mission Trip Guatemala

Sunday May 20, 2012

Offering message: (Pastor Syd Ropp) Gal. 6:6 Pastor Syd teaches about the difference of sowing to the flesh and sowing to the Spirit. When you give, GIVE TO GOD, not to man or man’s work, and then it won’t come to corruption. In Mark 9:37,41 Jesus said that giving a cup of water to someone or receiving one of His children is giving to God. Don’t lose your focus of giving to God. Heb. 7:8 says that here mortal men receive tithes, but we’re giving it to God. Sermon: Gene English, Chester Petersheim, Jason Miller, Chani Zimmerman, and Josh Shuman shared about their recent mission trip to Guatemala and the way that Armada Commission (Armada Bible School) has impacted their lives. Gene also taught on seizing the moment with the examples of Mary’s anointing Jesus’ feet (John 12:1-8), and Kubla Khan’s (and China’s) turning to Buddhism because Christian missionaries weren’t sent to China when he asked for them. Seize the opportunity to be used by God. It’s important!

Honduras Team Sharing Make Disciples

Sunday March 25, 2012

Lynzee Hershey shared some pictures from the team’s trip to Honduras, mainly those of ministering to the children. She grew through her time spent with God. Sarah Bratschun wondered why she was to go on the trip and was blessed because God was honored by her willingness to go and to be used for the sake of the Gospel and other people. Sam Zook affirmed the importance of being willing and of the spirit of unity and power. He thanked everyone for their support and prayers and shared testimonies of God’s power touching the people. Kelly Burrows talked about ministering in a home for women who had been in trafficking and villages where people were saved, set free, and healed. The Friday service showed the young people’s desperation for the Lord and the Saturday morning time when people gratefully grabbed a hold of God goodness. She addressed a lack of unity in the body. Kevin Burrows was blessed by a night visit by the Lord telling him to share with the leaders that they need to set differences aside, forgive, speak well of others, love like God loves, be longsuffering, and to repent. The key words are unity and love. It’s important to focus on matters of eternity- salvations. Pray- 2 Chron. 7:14. How do we change the world? We show people that we care! Take new Christians and the young and make disciples of them by showing them that you care. They must know the goodness of God. Men need someone who believes in them and will speak life in them. Women need to know their identity in Christ. The Great Commission in Matt. 28:18-20 tells us to make disciples. Immerse the person in the Word of God by teaching them the ways of God. Set an example and live a life of God. Empower them to go and make disciples, too. We are to reproduce God’s life, not our own. God reproduced Himself when He created us in His image. Pour yourself into others and put God first. See the gift of God in your life and in others. Reproduce the things of God. Teach others.

Haiti and Healing

Wednesday November 16, 2011

Chester shared videos and testimonies from his recent trip to Haiti, where medical teams and a ministry under his direction were serving. (Sam Zook also shared testimonies.) He also preached on God’s divine healing through Jesus Christ. It is God’s will to heal everyone. Using Scriptures, he affirms that God has provided for our healing, and it’s up to us to access it. Why don’t people receive healing? Lack of knowledge of God’s promises; failing to ask God; questioning God’s will; sin, which separates us from God; failure to act on God’s Word; thinking it’s not God’s time to heal; misunderstanding Paul’s thorn in the flesh; misunderstanding Job. How can a person overcome? Stand on the Scriptures; know you have authority over the devil and sickness; focus and saturate yourself on Scriptures; examine your heart; know you’re delivered from curses, such as sickness; establish a point of contact for your healing; confess the Word; hold fast to the promises and do not waver. We pray that God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven, and in heaven there is no sickness or disease. We are healed, and we are to lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

The Holy Spirit

Wednesday September 28, 2011

Who is the Holy Spirit? He is the part of the Godhead who dwells here. He is our access to the promises of God, and He is our communicator with the Father. What does the Holy Spirit do? He is our teacher; and He brings what Jesus said to our remembrance; He guides us in truth; He gives us revelation of what is God’s will and His Word. He gives us power. What is the importance of the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives? He empowers us to be His witnesses; we need Him to be able to minister. What does it look like to have the Holy Spirit in our lives? We should be getting revelation from the Word, walking in the fruits of the Spirit, and coveting the gifts of the Spirit. How much are we moving and desiring to move in the Holy Spirit? Start walking in the Spirit and in love. Ask Him and God will break your heart for others.

Don’t Limit What the Spirit of God Can Do Through You

Saturday August 27, 2011

The American culture labels people by their faults, allowing Satan to bring condemnation on them. We need to stop this, so people can find out who they are in Christ  and where their lives are going. Don’t compromise, living by the flesh or by settling for less . You need to spend time with the Spirit of God in order to change your life and the lives of others. Jesus needed the Spirit of God; the disciples needed Him, and we need Him so we can go beyond what the disciples did in the book of Acts. There is no maximum to the Spirit of God. DON’T BACK DOWN! DON’T LIMIT WHAT THE SPIRIT OF GOD CAN DO! Chester tells about Dominic Russo’s vision to reach Honduras in a week. (It was done in a day in 2013!). Run toward your vision with all that you have. Shoot high! Leave the past and the cares and the people behind who will hinder you. Spend time with the Spirit of God, because He is your source of power and revelation. You are called to reach people who will go to hell, otherwise. Chester told of a dead man who was raised to life on one of his Amazon (amazing!) trips.