Don’t Limit What the Spirit of God Can Do Through You

Saturday August 27, 2011

The American culture labels people by their faults, allowing Satan to bring condemnation on them. We need to stop this, so people can find out who they are in Christ  and where their lives are going. Don’t compromise, living by the flesh or by settling for less . You need to spend time with the Spirit of God in order to change your life and the lives of others. Jesus needed the Spirit of God; the disciples needed Him, and we need Him so we can go beyond what the disciples did in the book of Acts. There is no maximum to the Spirit of God. DON’T BACK DOWN! DON’T LIMIT WHAT THE SPIRIT OF GOD CAN DO! Chester tells about Dominic Russo’s vision to reach Honduras in a week. (It was done in a day in 2013!). Run toward your vision with all that you have. Shoot high! Leave the past and the cares and the people behind who will hinder you. Spend time with the Spirit of God, because He is your source of power and revelation. You are called to reach people who will go to hell, otherwise. Chester told of a dead man who was raised to life on one of his Amazon (amazing!) trips.