Series ‘How To Be Lead By The Spirit’

How To Be Led By The Spirit Part 2

Sunday October 7, 2007

Being led by the Holy Spirit is an evidence of being born again. Pastor Dale explains about the intellect, conscience, and the spirit of counsel. Our consciences must be sensitive toward God. Texts: Rom. 8:14; Rom. 9:1; Acts 23:1; Acts 24:16; I Tim. 4:1; I Tim. 1:5; I Tim. 1:18-19.

How To Be Led By The Spirit Part 3

Sunday October 14, 2007

The Holy Spirit speaks to our spirits, not our minds. At some point we actually “hear” what the Spirit has been saying to us over and over again. Are you willing to do God’s will? Until you do you’ll never know what His will is. Find out about counsel, conscience, and consecration.

How To Be Led By The Spirit Part 4

Sunday November 18, 2007

We should be able to get personal guidance from the Holy Spirit. Personal prophecy may confirm what the Lord has told you. Find the voice of God and go from the mind to your spirit. The peace of God should rule in your heart. Texts are Rom. 8:14-16, I Cor. 14:13, Acts 27:7-18, and Col. 3:15.

Being Led by the Spirit of God

Wednesday July 14, 2010

Rom. 8:12-16. In these end times we must be led by the Holy Spirit and not by the flesh. We must be transformed by the renewing of our minds and put to death the deeds of the body (flesh). Maintain your spirit life and don’t let your flesh control you through your mind. If we are led by the Spirit of God, we are the sons of God, which are the mature ones. We have not received the spirit of bondage to fear. Listen to Pastor Bob’s wife, Sharon, share her testimony of fear manifested in compulsive-obsessive behavior and her deliverance from it by using the Word and releasing forgiveness in her spirit and in her mind. Train your flesh to listen to the Spirit. Meditate on the truth that you are a child of the Almighty Creator God. Communicate with your Father through the Holy Spirit. Ps. 34:7-11 tells us about the goodness of the Spirit and what we have as God’s sons. Pastor Bob delivers a word at the end of the service.

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit Part 1

Wednesday January 26, 2011

We must be led by and yield to the Spirit. Listen to how the Holy Spirit led Pastor Dale to find someone in Greece. Prov. 11:3 “The integrity of the upright shall guide them.” One side of this is that there is a measure of holiness and being in right relationship with God as a prerequisite. God leads the upright. We can be sensitive and hear and be fine-tuned to the Spirit. You don’t have to keep asking God, if you do what’s right. Integrity will guide you. God won’t give you a specific word when you don’t intend to follow the guidance He has written in His Word. Pastor Dale tells of his experience of being filled with the Holy Spirit in the United Methodist Church and having an opportunity to go to Asbury College. There was no decision when he saw that the application would only be accepted if he marked that he had never spoken in other tongues. God has integrity and is a gentleman who needs to be invited into your life. Ps. 15:4b “He who swears to his own hurt and does not change” … (verse 5 “shall not be moved”). Keeping your word is the other side of inegrity. God can’t guide you if you’ve already given your word and made a decision. Choices can confine you. Life is like a train on a train-track. You will fulfill God’s will on that track. Watch your words. God guides us according to the limits of your words. Pastor Dale tells of hearing from God when he went to Moscow and planned to go to Veronich to speak for a pastor. He sensed the Holy Spirit telling him not to get on the plane, but he had given his word, so he went to a great deal of difficulty to reach the pastor. The pastor was so glad he called, because he needed to leave because of a death in the family. Because he was in Moscow, he asked God what to do, and He told him to pray over the Metro stations in Moscow for three days/nights. As a result of his praying, the Spirit of God came and gave him a love for Moscow and the Russian people. BE OBEDIENT TO THE INTEGRITY OF YOUR WORD in order to get further revelation and guidance. When you do what you need to by integrity, God will fill in the gap with specifics. Do what God tells you to do and be usable. God will use whatever He needs to, to get you where you need to be. You don’t need to pray about doing what God has told you to do. FOLLOW THE INTEGRITY IN YOUR HEART.

How To Be Lead By The Spirit Part 2

Wednesday February 9, 2011

Why should you want to be led by the Holy Spirit? It can lead you to new experiences, give you an accuracy in your decisions that will make you effective in evangelism, and save you time and money. How can you be led by the Holy Spirit? Prov. 11:3 tells you that the integrity of the upright will guide them. Your integrity can lead you, and you can do what is right. If you have a “scratchy” feeling about something, don’t go any further with it. Why should God give you a divine revelation when you aren’t following the scriptures? If you aren’t in fellowship with God, you’re walking in darkness. What will the Holy Spirit do for you? He will convict you of sin and lead you into repentance, and He will lead you into truth (John 16:13) which will set you free. Preach the truth and live your convictions. Follow the desires of your spirit. I John 2:20 and 27 inform you that you have an anointing from God, and He will lead you into what you need. The anointing lives in us and teaches us. It doesn’t matter who teaches you, you are the judge, and you decide what you will learn. You can learn from anyone if you yield to the Holy Spirit. How long will you need supernatural guidance and counsel? Ps. 73:24 tells you that you’ll need it your whole life. Prov. 2:1-11 advises you about receiving God’s counsel. Pay the price for getting God’s counsel. Seek for it. It will help you make decisions to make your life better.

How To Be Lead By The Spirit Part 3

Wednesday February 16, 2011

Offering message: John 6:5 and 6. God will often make you face the impossible. Don’t be afraid of needs and problems. God will put you in a tough place to prove you. He’s going to use, bless, and fill you. He knows what He is going to do through you. Go after the big problems. God always knows what He is going to do. He doesn’t lose sleep over your problems. Pastor Dale tells of Paul Yonggi Cho’s (in The Fourth Dimension) sowing his house and needing $50,000 by the 31st of December of one year and how God showed him what to do during the last hours. Believe when you sow. Sermon Notes: Text: Prov. 6:20-22. You want to live knowing that you’ve done the will of God. How do you know what is God’s will for you? (1) Let your integrity guide you. (Listen to last Wednesday’s sermon.) (2) God has given the spirit of counsel. He wants us to tap into divine counsel. Safety is in the multitude of counselors. It doesn’t say decision-makers. Counsel does not give you the right to abdocate your personal responsibility. You still make the decisions. A good counselor will show you the options and the consequences of your decisions and will direct you to the responsibility to the Word and its consequences. Don’t be quick to guide people too much. You are giving counsel when a person acts on what he or she decides. Ask for anointed counsel. (3) Know that your actions are based on the Word of God. What you do needs to based on the Word of God. The Word leads you. Ps. 119:105 God’s Word is a lamp to your feet and a light to your path. Make a commitment to the Word. It’s an anchor. It will help you to discern. The Spirit and the Word always agree. Let the Word guide you. The Word is counsel. Hold onto it, and don’t let it go. I Cor. 15:57 God always leads you into victory. You are bound to victory like a husband and wife are bound to each other. Regulate your life by the Word of God. How do I apply the Word to my life? What does the Word say to or about me? Walk in love and keep the Word as a high priority. Matt. 6:24-34 tells you that you can’t serve God and money. Money should not be the determining factor when you make decisions. Don’t let the love of money be your guide or god. Don’t let style be your guide. If you start getting your eyes off the Word, you’ll start letting materialism get in. The Word gets rid of worry and will lead you. Be led by the Word, not by the world. Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all the other things (clothing, food, shelter…) will be added to you. Seek the kingdom. Don’t seek the things. How do you treat the Word? It is God’s revelation to you. I John 2:15-16 Don’t love the world’s system and the world’s way of doing things. The love in us is opposing the world’s thinking and system. Don’t follow the the lusts of the flesh, the lusts of the eyes, and the pride of life. Kenneth Hagin said that pride kept him from publishing several books.