How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit Part 1

Wednesday January 26, 2011

We must be led by and yield to the Spirit. Listen to how the Holy Spirit led Pastor Dale to find someone in Greece. Prov. 11:3 “The integrity of the upright shall guide them.” One side of this is that there is a measure of holiness and being in right relationship with God as a prerequisite. God leads the upright. We can be sensitive and hear and be fine-tuned to the Spirit. You don’t have to keep asking God, if you do what’s right. Integrity will guide you. God won’t give you a specific word when you don’t intend to follow the guidance He has written in His Word. Pastor Dale tells of his experience of being filled with the Holy Spirit in the United Methodist Church and having an opportunity to go to Asbury College. There was no decision when he saw that the application would only be accepted if he marked that he had never spoken in other tongues. God has integrity and is a gentleman who needs to be invited into your life. Ps. 15:4b “He who swears to his own hurt and does not change” … (verse 5 “shall not be moved”). Keeping your word is the other side of inegrity. God can’t guide you if you’ve already given your word and made a decision. Choices can confine you. Life is like a train on a train-track. You will fulfill God’s will on that track. Watch your words. God guides us according to the limits of your words. Pastor Dale tells of hearing from God when he went to Moscow and planned to go to Veronich to speak for a pastor. He sensed the Holy Spirit telling him not to get on the plane, but he had given his word, so he went to a great deal of difficulty to reach the pastor. The pastor was so glad he called, because he needed to leave because of a death in the family. Because he was in Moscow, he asked God what to do, and He told him to pray over the Metro stations in Moscow for three days/nights. As a result of his praying, the Spirit of God came and gave him a love for Moscow and the Russian people. BE OBEDIENT TO THE INTEGRITY OF YOUR WORD in order to get further revelation and guidance. When you do what you need to by integrity, God will fill in the gap with specifics. Do what God tells you to do and be usable. God will use whatever He needs to, to get you where you need to be. You don’t need to pray about doing what God has told you to do. FOLLOW THE INTEGRITY IN YOUR HEART.