Being Led by the Spirit of God

Wednesday July 14, 2010

Rom. 8:12-16. In these end times we must be led by the Holy Spirit and not by the flesh. We must be transformed by the renewing of our minds and put to death the deeds of the body (flesh). Maintain your spirit life and don’t let your flesh control you through your mind. If we are led by the Spirit of God, we are the sons of God, which are the mature ones. We have not received the spirit of bondage to fear. Listen to Pastor Bob’s wife, Sharon, share her testimony of fear manifested in compulsive-obsessive behavior and her deliverance from it by using the Word and releasing forgiveness in her spirit and in her mind. Train your flesh to listen to the Spirit. Meditate on the truth that you are a child of the Almighty Creator God. Communicate with your Father through the Holy Spirit. Ps. 34:7-11 tells us about the goodness of the Spirit and what we have as God’s sons. Pastor Bob delivers a word at the end of the service.