How To Be Lead By The Spirit Part 2

Wednesday February 9, 2011

Why should you want to be led by the Holy Spirit? It can lead you to new experiences, give you an accuracy in your decisions that will make you effective in evangelism, and save you time and money. How can you be led by the Holy Spirit? Prov. 11:3 tells you that the integrity of the upright will guide them. Your integrity can lead you, and you can do what is right. If you have a “scratchy” feeling about something, don’t go any further with it. Why should God give you a divine revelation when you aren’t following the scriptures? If you aren’t in fellowship with God, you’re walking in darkness. What will the Holy Spirit do for you? He will convict you of sin and lead you into repentance, and He will lead you into truth (John 16:13) which will set you free. Preach the truth and live your convictions. Follow the desires of your spirit. I John 2:20 and 27 inform you that you have an anointing from God, and He will lead you into what you need. The anointing lives in us and teaches us. It doesn’t matter who teaches you, you are the judge, and you decide what you will learn. You can learn from anyone if you yield to the Holy Spirit. How long will you need supernatural guidance and counsel? Ps. 73:24 tells you that you’ll need it your whole life. Prov. 2:1-11 advises you about receiving God’s counsel. Pay the price for getting God’s counsel. Seek for it. It will help you make decisions to make your life better.