The Wealth of Wisdom Part 8

Sunday December 4, 2011

Eph. 5:13-19 says that all things that are discovered are made manifested by the light of God’s Word. You can take this to be a negative or positive thing. A moment of discovery can precipitate repentance, like a person finding out that he is going the wrong way. Repentance is a good thing and is turning you in the right direction. A walk of wisdom takes your out of darkness into a realm of light. Eph. 5:16 God redeems the time; for example, Jesus did His whole ministry in three years, and what took the Israelites forty years in the wilderness took Jesus forty days in the wilderness. Eph. 5:17 is a contrast to Eph. 5:15 and tells us that walking outside of God’s will is unwise. Wisdom is the power to do things, but it must be in the confines of the will of God. When people don’t know the will of God and their destiny, they turn to drinking. Instead of getting drunk, run to the Spirit of God to understand His will for you. Be filled with the Holy Spirit, speak in psalms, hymns, spiritual songs and praise God. Being filled with the Spirit changes your countenance. Col. 3:16 Letting the Word of Christ dwell in you in all wisdom brings teaching and praise. What is your problem? Let it develop you, and don’t be afraid of challenges. Who would David have been without Goliath?