The Wealth of Wisdom Part 15

Sunday February 12, 2012

Texts: Is. 45:3; Deut. 29:29; Ps. 25:14; Jer. 33:3. What is your inner image of yourself? That is what becomes a filter of what you receive and do in life. You can change that image through the Word of God. See yourself as God sees you. His image is greater than yours. One of the first steps of God’s image change is to make you a giver. Jacob worked hard under Laban, but he said that God prospered him. God is your source. You can get secrets and answers from Him. As good as prophecy can be, God telling you Himself is greater. There are greater treasures in the Spirit. Ralph Wilkerson imparted revelation into Oral Roberts, and then he imparted revelation into Pastor Dale through the book, The Miracle of Seed Faith. Jesus came as the greatest seed. God is your source. Release seed in faith. Call out to God to get a new image and the revelation you need. God wants to give you the secrets and hidden riches to show us that He is the Lord!