The Wealth of Wisdom Part 14

Sunday January 15, 2012

Principles of Increase and Prosperity- Text: Luke 5:10. Prosperity is not self-sufficiency. Experience, skill, and hard work are poor substitutes for the reward of seeking the kingdom first. In the Scripture text Peter gave his boat as a gift to multiply Jesus’ efforts to speak and to be heard. In turn Jesus increased and blessed Peter’s business efforts supernaturally by telling him to go out in the deep and let down his nets. Peter only let down one net and then needed another boat for the haul, which was sinking the boats. What did Peter do when he saw Jesus’ goodness and blessing? He repented! The goodness of God draws people to repentance. What can we learn from this Scripture? 1) Never justify non-productivity. 2) Get the fear out of thinking big. 3) Some things will not work without the anointing. God can take your repetitive efforts and make them flourish. Focus on the kingdom and how to multiply the outreach. The blessing of the Lord makes rich and adds no sorrow with it.