Thursday June 19, 2014

Moses was on the mountain with God, and Aaron listened to the desires of the people for a god (Exodus 32:1-35; 33:1). The pastor must have the authority. God speaks to the man in authority. Moses had to intercede, because he was more concerned about God being glorified than about himself. As an intercessor, sometimes it’s better not to know too much. A real leader takes responsibility for his actions and gives his life. Don’t respond out of emotion to other people’s sins. When we are challenged by people’s sin, keep your eyes on Jesus, and don’t be moved by emotion. You need to hear from the Lord. God deals with humanity because of covenant. You can’t trust in your own abilities. Exodus 33:14 says that God’s presence would go with Moses and the Israelites. Keep yourself in love toward the people you’re ministering to. All you need is faith in God. Keep a heart of love. The greater the work, the greater the revelation you need. To go to the next level, you must die to the things of the flesh. It’s an opportunity for God to show what He can do. Show me Your glory. If you lead people, you’ll need His revelation and help. We need His help to see them like He sees them. You need a revelation of God and His love.