How to Relate To Your Pastor Part 1

Wednesday January 4, 2012

Listen to this very important message from Pastor Dale on his role as our pastor and how we benefit from the anointing that God has given him. The pastor watches out for our souls, and Pastor Dale intercedes for us to flow in unity with the anointing that is on him, so that we can develop the gift that is within us. There are problems and needs in a church, but the pastor is to give himself to prayer and the ministry of the Word. Pastor Dale and our church leadership are not looking to fill positions. They are developing the gifts that are in us by flowing with Jesus’ anointing that is on Pastor Dale and receiving the transfer of anointing from him. Texts: Heb. 13:17; Ex. 18:13-26; Matt. 8:9; Eph. 4:11, 12; Ps. 133:1-3; Acts 6:1-7.