How To Relate To Your Pastor Part 2

Wednesday January 11, 2012

Pastor Dale built on part one of these sermons. He shared several of his experiences of being a pastor. There is a presence, weight, and anointing to being a pastor, as he carries his church in his heart. His priority is to pray, and as we submit to God’s anointing on him, we can learn from him the way that we are to walk (Ex. 18:13-22), and that’s the way of unity (Gen. 11:1-6; I Cor. 1:10; Ps. 133:1, 2). Our communication and language in the church should be in the same mind and judgment. Get closer to Jesus. THERE ARE NO SECRETS FROM THE PASTOR. THERE IS NO CONFIDENTIALITY IN THE CHURCH. We are our brother’s keeper. Don’t let Satan get involved in the communication within the church body. Understand what needs to be passed through to the pastor. God fixes messes, and the pastor won’t feel differently about you if have a problem. Bring your deeds to the light. You can trust your pastor. Learn the way by listening to him, so you can be on the same page as he is on. We are family. We are the church.