Healing at the Cross is for All

Sunday April 25, 2010

Ps. 103:1-3. Healing is about power and the true intellect of the Word of God. Biased pseudo-intellectualism has changed God’s Word. God’s benefits are forgiveness and healing. Is. 53:4 and 5 is a prophetic utterance of the crucified Christ. Pseudo-intellectuals changed the translation of “pain and sickness” to griefs and sorrows. Matthew translates it from the Hebrew in Matt. 8:16,17 to infirmities and sicknesses. Jesus bore our sickness at the same time He bore our sins. Jesus died for ALL, but just like all do not receive salvation by of their choice, so all do not receive God’s healing power by their own choice. Mark 9:14-29 tells of the demon-possessed boy that Jesus healed, but His disciples couldn’t. Jesus had to work with the boy’s father to help him have faith to get rid of all the previous religious teaching the man had about why God’s power doesn’t work. Listen to hear why people do not receive their healing. Healing gives God glory. Scriptures that tell us that Jesus healed all kinds of sickness and disease and healed all: Matt. 4:23; Matt. 9:35; Matt. 12:15; Matt. 14:14; Luke 6:17-19.