God’s Anointing

Wednesday June 18, 2014

(If you wait for the provision for what God has said to do, money is your god.) God asked Samuel how long he was going to mourn over Saul, since He had rejected him from reigning over Israel (1 Samuel 16). Saul failed because of his insecurity, but God didn’t give up. The anointing is not limited by man’s failures. Samuel had to let go of some relationships for the Lord. God always provides. An anointing service is important. In Samuel’s case, anointing David was worth risking Samuel’s death. Samuel looked on the heart and relied on God’s Spirit to know who would be the next king- called, chosen, and faithful. God sees in your heart, your destiny, your position, and your plan. Listen to the Word, not razzle-dazzle. Samuel anointed David in the midst of his brothers, and the Spirit of the Lord came upon David. The anointing needs to be in the midst of the brethren. God anoints families, a church, a body. God wants us to recognize what He does. Don’t turn your back on your brothers, but root for one another. God anoints what man anoints. Anoint means prosper, represent, come mightily. (Gene English was anointed and ordained. Pastor Sydney was anointed and installed as CWI pastor. Apostle Dale was anointed as admiral and apostle over the Armada.)