Fulfill God’s Will for Your Life

Monday June 16, 2014

Texts: Acts 26:13; Colossians 4:17. Every manifestation of the Spirit is for a purpose. You will be judged for what God has called you to do. Determine the will of God and then pursue that. Doing God’s will is about the ministry you have received, not the one you achieved. What have you received from the Lord? #1 You have received opportunities that God brings to your life. #2 You have received a place. Start out at your “Jerusalem”, and at some point God may send you other places and then back home again. #3 You have received a people. Be faithful to the people God has given to you. #4 God will give you projects. Do not preach the Gospel to raise money. #5 God will require you to be the provider of money, wisdom, etc., to others. (There were prophetic words and individual ministry.)