Choose To or Have To

Saturday September 26, 2009

Dogs love steaks, but they will settle for bones. Where is the steak in your life? Choose to, rather than have to. Conformity is your enemy. Take authority over your life. Ed tells the story of a trip to a gold mine and the lessons he learned there. Be diligent. Find the gold dust in what you are doing. Be a support to those in the harvest field. Support someone to replace you. Create a solution. You have to let go to get the gold. Release it to God. Practice NOT condemning, complaining, or criticizing for seven days. Be a gate-keeper: the ear gate, eye gate, the spoken word gate, association gate, and the environment gate. Who do you associate with? Are you in a dead church? Pre-play your vision. Do you have a scarcity or abundance context of life? Convergence- focus on one thing and get rid of distractions. Congruence- Are you congruent with your destiny? Get rid of “pop-ups”. Be a laser and get rid of the grumpy, critical, condemning, and complaining. Be a believer first.