Armada 2019 – Wednesday session 4

Wednesday June 19, 2019

Apostle Dale Armstrong read from Acts 10:1. God wants to reveal the Holy Spirit to you. He wants to tangible for you. God wants us to develop intimacy. Exceeding great reward means that I’m your paycheck is the meaning in  Hebrew. Daily intimacy with the Father prepared Jesus. Apostle Dale read from Matthew 6:1, take heed. Don’t give in pride because you will miss out. If you give in the right motive there will be a manifestation. Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster focuses onb meditation, prayer, fasting, study, simplicity, guidance, submission, solitude, service, confession, worship, and celebration. Jesus has three disciplines. Motive, intimacy, and Jesus. Giving and praying are intertwined. If you are praying and your answers aren’t getting answered then there is something wrong with you. Apostle Dale reference Isaiah 58. Don’t be moved by what you see, be moved by what you believe. Apostle Dale referenced Psalms 57:2. Apostle Dale read out of Psalms 66:18 and John 15:4.