Armada 2019 – Tuesday session 4

Tuesday June 18, 2019

Apostle Dale Armstrong said God is good and the devil is bad. Apostle Dale read from Acts 10. Ministering, helping, or giving to the poor is what alms are. Alms are your giving before the Lord. If you don’t realize that God has done it, you cannot release your faith. God give Cornelius specific instructions. For Cornealus it was a vision and for others if may come another way. 1 Corinthians 12:7, God wants you to experience the gifts of the Spirit. Apostle Dale referenced John 3:16. Do not mistake that super natural  ministry only belongs to certain callings. Manifestation, phanerosis, to reveal or to make known. A memorial is a remembrance. Give, alms, pray, and fast to get specifics instructions from the Lord. We must have supernatural ministries. Matthew 6:1, be cautious. If you give in the right way you’ll receive a reward from the Father.  Celebration of Spiritual Disciplines, a book Apostle Dale had read. When you give alms, do not let your right hand know what your left hand is doing. We neglect fasting and praying. Alms given, prayer, and fasting. No man needs to know about anyone’s prayer life. Everybody knows what happens in the bedroom but, no body talks about it. It is intimate. Just like your prayer life with the Lord, it is intimate. The secret belongs to those that fear Him. God reveals His secrets to you, keep your mouth shut. It is between you and the Lord. When you give alms, you are preparing a heart that is good ground for the Lord to work in. Mark 10:17, knowing the commandants. Money wasn’t the problem it was what it was covering up. Give to the poor and you would have treasure in heaven. Where your treasure is, is where your heart is. Materialistic things hold you if you can’t give it away. The hundred fold is not in the giving, it is in the forsaking. Apostle Dale read from Psalms 41 and Isaiah 58:6. We are in a unique generation where we are in trouble. We are in a place where we need to embrace some of these principles. To get back to intercession in a prayer life and fasting. There are some things that only fasting can break. Mark 9:16, Jesus gives the answer to the question. It is the private prayer. There is a spiritual power in fasting.