Armada 2019 – Tuesday session 2

Tuesday June 18, 2019

Pastor Bill Hake read out of Revelations 3:7. When God opens a door, nothing can come against what He is doing. We can’t be ignorant of what the enemy is doing but, we need to be focused on what the Lord is doing. Lot of people obsess about money. If you don’t overcome whatever the devil is telling you. Than you can’t be completely trusted. We have to be over comers. The punishment for murder is death. Don’t curse your country. Strong delusion that has come over the people in the earth today is the delusion that they have to trust in man and not in God. It’s the mark of the beast. To do ministry and not have a heart for the people is a curse. It has to be in you, the love of God needs to be there in order to be able to minister to the people. Pastor Hake referenced 1 Corinthians 12. When God writes something on your heart, offense cannot take you out of it. We need to realize that hearing from God is essential. Living in obedience is not popular with people. In our nation people are getting drunk in building their dreams and leisure living. People are too busy with their fun and games. It is not for you to come up with a vision or dream.