Armada 2019 – Tuesday session 1

Tuesday June 18, 2019

Pastor Bill Hake mentioned that there is a concept of rain and growth. There is saturation and showers.There are times for showers and there are times for. Farmers are more important than your picnic. Daily you should have showers of the Lord. You are not made for the Sabbath, it was made for you. There are times of saturation when having meetings like the Armada. Expect to be saturated and to be filled. Pastor Bill read out of Revelation 1:8. You will train people to works is by focusing more on what to do. Instead we should focus on Him to bring forth the will of the Lord. We can’t live in the past but, we can learn from it. God wants us to live by faith moment by moment. It’s like going hiking, your focus needs to be on the next step. God shows us some things of the future because we need to know it. Everything in the past must to be reconciled with the truth. You have to understand the beginning and the end.  Don’t look for the dramatic, you may miss God. Philippians 1, it is not wise to fight against God. We need to understand and know the plan of God everyday of our lives. We need to learn to live for God. Live for eternity. It doesn’t matter what I want, what I like, or what I think. Satin would try to bring false prophets.Whatever the enemy is doing God has something greater and we need to be part of the solution. God’s light will appear brighter in the mist of darkness. In the mist of the evil His light shines brighter. People do not have a sense of the beginning and and the end. Real fellowship in sharing what Jesus is doing. Many people get seduced away. God does not want confusion. To understand what is you have to understand what the Lord has set in motion. God takes the imperfect and begin to work or form it. You cannot eliminate foundation, you have to build on it. Foundations are laid, there is a foundation laid for Armada. Satan set things into motion, the Lord set things into motion. Mark 1:1, the Gospel had a beginning. 1 John 2:7, we have to understand what Jesus set into motion. Pastor Bill referenced Hebrews 6:1. Perversion of grace, people don’t repent anymore. You have to learn how love conviction but, not just conviction of sin. A command of love will keep you from being deceived. Knowing that beginning, can God do it again? Yes He can do it again.