Armada 2019 – Thursday session 5

Thursday June 20, 2019

Apostle Dale Armstrong read out of Acts 10 and Matthew 6, secrecy in giving and prayer. When He sees you giving alms, praying, or fasting in secrete then the Father should reward you openly. Identification is the first law of intercession. Every time you pray the Lords prayer, identification yourself is applied. Money might be easier to give but, your time is also valuable. As you are giving of your life you are giving to someone else. Isaiah 58, it is tied up in fasting. You can identify where you heart is by writing a check. As we give in alms we don’t do it for recognition. If you give in the wrong motive, you do not get the reward. When you start a fast declare the purpose. Before you need financial power you need spiritual maturity. Be Spirit lead when giving. Give, pray, and fast. These principles are all guaranteed, you have to be adamant about it. The key is that you got to start with the small things. You face your obstacle, give more. When you get into your private prayer closet, you don’t need the church to tell you where to give. Begin to look where you can give. When God begins to show you things in prayer it is not for you to brag or gossip about. Keep what God tells you private. Apostle Dale reference Psalms 2 and prayed for Sri Lanka.