Your Personal Prayer Life

Wednesday January 19, 2011

Phil. 4:6, 7. We are to not fret or have any anxiety for anything. God wants you to be free from anxiety and worry, but how can you do that? You turn your cares into prayers and your worries into thanksgiving. I Peter 5:7 tells you to cast your cares on Him for He cares for you. Make sure your prayers are full of thanksgiving and rejoice in the Lord. Pastor Dale tells of the time he and his wife, Teri, needed a place to live in Moscow and how they prayed and thanked the Lord for His answer. God gave them what they needed and even what they wanted. If you’re not at peace, keep thanking and praising God and look at the good. Phil. 4:8 tells us to look and think on things that are true and noble and just and pure and lovely and of good report and virtuous and praiseworthy. Just as you can lock out channels on a TV, put a lock on your mind. You choose what you think about, so speak scripture in your mind before you go to bed, and you’ll wake up with those scriptures on your mind. Negativity will take away your thanksgiving and praise. II Cor. 10:4 says that you are to pull down strongholds and imaginations, like an enemy building his castle on your property. You have to fight to pull it down. Don’t allow the stronghold to be greater than God. You can be free from depressive thoughts. You cannot stop yourself from what you’re thinking about, so you have to think about something else. Put the Word of God into your mind. (Prov. 6:20-22) (Ps. 112:1-3). Discriminate your thoughts against the Word.