Your First Ministry

Sunday June 24, 2012

Offering message: Is. 30:21 God talks to us, and we should hear Him so He can guide us. In Deut. 28:1-2 God tells us to listen to and obey God, so we’ll know which way to go and will be blessed. Sermon message: Deut. 10:8 The Levites (priests) were separated to minister to God. According to the New Covenant, we are all priests, and our first ministry is to the LORD (in worship). Samuel, Mary, Anna, the leaders of churches in Antioch, angels, living creatures, and the elders ministered or will minister to the LORD. When Solomon sacrificed and gave praise to the LORD, His glory came down. You were made for God (Is. 43:7, 21). Karen Burrows and Pastor Dale led a time of worship and ministry to the LORD.