Your Body is Not the Real You Don’t Let It Condemn You

Sunday February 28, 2010

(John 8 and Rom. 8) Listen to powerful testimonies of how God has ministered in Russia. Pastor Dale exhorts us to spend so much time with Jesus and in the Gospels that you speak and think and act like Him. Do not listen and look at everything. The conflict is between your inner man and your outer man, your flesh and your spirit. Your body is not you. Condemnation is a negative view of yourself that conflicts with the Word of God. The mind is the gate-switch that either puts you in agreement with the flesh or with the spirit. As long as we have bodies, there will be lusts. You can’t resist on your own, but you can by being strong in the Lord. The conviction of the Holy Spirit is stronger than the power of the devil to tempt you. Which one are you focusing on?