Yes, Lord

Sunday August 28, 2011

Matt. 9:27-29 is the account of Jesus’ healing two blind men. They cried out for mercy. He asked them if they thought He was able to heal them. They said, “Yes, Lord.” God will speak to you if you will open yourself up to Him and to His Word. His Word changes lives and is the mouth of God. Operate in mercy. God gave us mercy. God loves people. Cry out for mercy- mercy for you, your family, the government. There is a lot of unbelief in the church. Do you believe that God is able to … ? You need a “yes” in your health, finances, job. God is releasing a heavenly “yes”. Everything that has and will happen to us has already passed through the Father’s hand. Jesus said that it would be done to the blind men according to their faith, or according to their “yes”. Don’t whine. “Shut up, go to your room, get it together, and then talk to the Father.” Pray for a “yes” on the inside of you. You were born for greatness. God has a door open for you. [Keith prayed for and laid hands on people for healing and instructed them to ask God to tell them what they needed to change in their habits, their eating, etc. and then to do it.]