Sunday June 26, 2016

Text: Proverbs 4:1-13. Proverbs four tells us to not forget the Father’s words, which means to meditate on them. Wisdom is the principal thing. Get wisdom and in getting wisdom, get understanding. Receive wisdom and live long. Wisdom and knowledge are the stability. Satan tries to distract Christians. Do not let him distract you from what is important. What is the most important thing? The wisdom of God is the most important thing. It is our responsibility to get wisdom. Wisdom is not intelligence. We are not limited if we are not intelligent. Spirituality by wisdom is attainable. In all your wisdom, get understanding. When you do something in obedience you do not understand, understanding will come. Apostle Dale told of an older mentor who went through five beach-heads in World War II. As a new recruit, he was desperate and thought it was wisdom to watch and do what the man did who had already gone through a beach-head before. The man said, “Somebody’s gonna make it, and it’s gonna be me!” He went to the front of the boat and carried his knife when they hit the beach. Then he used the knife to cut off the backpack. Walk by God’s wisdom, not your own intelligence. Find wisdom from somebody who has been there. Build on the rock foundation (Matthew 7:24-29). Be like a wise man and follow what a wise man is doing. Following the Word of God, works. Hear and implement the Word, because that is wisdom. Act on God’s Word, and understanding will come. Pride of being right is pride in making others wrong. You can be right but not be wise. Wisdom is how you apply knowledge and make it effective. Whatever the cost- time, money, or whatever- get wisdom. There is a cost to wisdom. Wisdom is hard work. It is not intellectualism. Before wisdom comes desire (Proverbs 2:1). Wisdom is available to you if you desire it. Pray for wisdom. Copy Jesus.