What Our Daddy Has Told Us

Saturday December 8, 2012

Dale’s sermon from Yerevan, Armenia. When the woman with the issue of blood touched Jesus, He didn’t say, “God healed you,” or “I healed you,” or “My power healed you,” even though all of these were true. He said, “Daughter, your faith has healed you.” She touched Jesus with her faith. Pastor Dale told of how his son reacted when he was little when he told him that he was going to get him a bicycle for his birthday. His son was thanking him and showing joy, even though he didn’t have the bicycle. What he did have was his daddy’s word. Faith is when you can thank God before you see it. Faith is when you cannot be made to doubt. Faith is exercised with a voice of praise. If you can’t act on it, it’s not faith in your heart. Faith is when you cannot stop yourself doing something, such as praising God for your healing. Good news will make you do something. In Acts 14:7-9 Paul perceived a lame man, who heard Paul’s speaking the Good News, had faith to be healed, but he still wasn’t healed. Paul yelled at him to stand up, and he jumped up and started walking around. The man needed to act on his faith in order to release it. God has never failed us. God’s Word is that by His stripes I am healed! You have faith, but it has to touch Jesus. You can’t doubt. Release your faith and act on His Word. God’s Word says that all my needs are met; I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me. Have you heard the Good News, but you’re still sitting in your problem? The greatest way to release and act on faith is to praise the living God. (There was time for healing and salvation ministry.)