What It Means To Be In Christ Part 3

Wednesday October 27, 2010

Listen as Pastor Dale carefully develops how you receive God’s wisdom and plan for your life. I Cor. 1:30 and 2:6-13 are the main texts. The wisdom of God is to keep you out of trouble. You need to speak the wisdom of God, but you do not know what you are speaking, because it is a mystery. Why does God want His wisdom to be a mystery? One reason is so that you will search for it. You know you must search for it, because you can be sure it is there for your finding. Also, He hid it for your glory. Just as you may hide something so no one gets it, so God has hidden it for us since before the earth was created. He is not hiding it from us but for us. Furthermore, He is keeping the wisdom and the plan for your life hidden from Satan, so he cannot mess with them. God has prepared you for something from the beginning of time, and you will not get it through the eyes or the ears. Even prophesy should not lead you, but it should only confirm what the Holy Spirit has already put on the inside of you. So where has God hidden Himself? He has hidden Himself and His plan in your spirit, when you received the Holy Spirit. It is where the devil cannot get at it. How do you get it out? You get it out by speaking it out- in tongues, and then you are speaking the wisdom of God in a mystery. You can pray in the Spirit, and the revelation will come to you.