What It Means To Be In Christ Jesus

Wednesday October 6, 2010

Moses, Daniel, Joseph, and other Old Testament leaders did not know what we know, and that is the mystery Paul told about in Col. 1:25-27. What is the mystery? It is Christ in us. No other religion believes that deity can live in the heart of man. Rom. 8:9 tells us that God lives in us and that we are the temple of God, and if Christ Jesus does not live in us, we are not believers. Pastor Dale preaches on I John 4:1-4 and I John 2:20 and 27. Some false religions believe that Jesus came in the flesh, but they do not believe that He comes into our flesh, our hearts. Everything Jesus did was so that He could dwell in us. II John 7 and Col. 2:8, 18, 19 warn of deception. How can you not be deceived? Begin and end with Jesus Christ.