Walking in Grace Toward Others

Sunday February 7, 2010

We are to walk with the living Jesus, which means we will love others as Jesus did, not condemning them, and at the same time not condoning their sin. (John 8:1-11) Don’t even listen to other people’s accusations of another person. Why do people consider the church an enemy? They do not see God’s love or our love. Get to know Jesus so that you can act like Him. Remember the devil tries to get people to not operate in mercy and grace. Romans 8:1-6 People act according to their nature. When a person gets born-again and gets God’s nature, he might still sin because he has a body, and he need to (re)train it. You don’t have a fight with your flesh unless you have a new nature to fight against it. Peace comes when you change your old nature. Operate in the law of the Spirit of life and not the letter of the law. A person’s body should submit to his/her soul and his soul should submit to his spirit. Your spirit should rule you and lead you in love. We need Jesus and His love for ourselves and others.