Vision and Purpose

Friday September 25, 2009

Ps. 139:1-14. The darkest times are when you are satisfied, have no vision or purpose. DO NOT BE SATISFIED! Discoveryour gift. Develop your gift. Deliver the gift for the glory of God. Determine not to let the devil get it. Do not let the devil kill, steal, or destroy. Knowing God is intimacy that brings conception. Glenn shares that after much prayer and time with the Holy Spirit, he becomes pregnant with a show. There is movement, it gets bigger, and more is brought into it, such as music and costumes. When the birth is about to take place is when Satan hits. Immediately after the show begins, he must seek the next vision. Set your mind on things above. Your mind is the spiritual womb. Your brain carries out the goals to your body. It is the master control of your body. Think heavenly ideals in your mind. Get the mind of the Spirit. How do you renew your mind? 1) Believing and doing the Word of God. 2) Inspiration by God, nature, the Word. 3) Receivingrevelation. 4) Illumination through the Word. The Holy Spirit is like a power line transformer. He distributes the power so we can handle it.