Understanding Praise & Worship

Sunday May 19, 2019

Apostle Dale Armstrong mentioned that we miss the supernatural for looking for the spectacular. Apostle Dale read out of Luke 4:5, when Jesus met the devil. Not my will but, yours be done. Identify where the thought or idea is coming from. Apostle Dale  read out of Revelations 11:15, if you don’t act on the word then you would become self deceived. As we act on the word knowing the right answer is not enough. Apostle Dale mentioned that you have to do what you know to do. Resisting the devil isn’t enough. It is the submission of God that has to be done. You got to learn how to bring the presence of the Lord into your day. Pray first before dealing with the problem. When you begin to worship you become one with the Lord. When thinking of a loved one who is gone is not why are they gone? Our thought process should be, how is it that He spared our lives? Worship is what we know to do. Apostle Dale read out of Luke 4:5-6, there are three key words to look at. That is Kingdoms, glory, and power.