True Faith False Faith

Saturday July 27, 2013

Satan takes a truth and very subtly turns it into a lie like he did with Adam and Eve. In 2 Cor. 11:3-4 Paul was concerned that the believers would put up with a different Jesus, gospel, and spirit. False faith can look like faith, but it doesn’t work like faith. There is an interaction between the power of the tongue, the unity of God, and true faith. Believing and speaking (2 Cor. 4:13) won’t work if your “faith” isn’t God’s faith or if God hasn’t spoken to the other person involved. It’s God’s faith operating in you. Mark 11:22-23 accurately translated means “Have God’s faith.” That means we possess God’s faith. If we have faith the size of a mountain, it won’t move a grain of sand, but if we have a mustard seed size of God’s faith, we can move a mountain. Listen as LaVere explains the Logos and Rhema (word). Rhema is the witness of the Spirit communicating to us (1 John 5:4-8). We have that witness if we believe in the Son of God. Just because it’s in the Word, doesn’t mean it’s God’s word to you. In God’s unity we can know what is God’s will. Just as He witnesses to us that we’re born again, He can witness to us about anything we can overcome. Jesus only did what He heard and saw His Father do. That’s what we need to do, too.  Gene English shared concerning the offering. Chester Petersheim shared about the recent mission trip, changing the country of Honduras.