There’s A Miracle Under Your Seat

Wednesday September 21, 2011

Text: Eph. 2:4-8. God loved us when we were dead in sins, even when we were His enemies; He is rich in mercy. You may slip and fall, but God still loves you. Don’t ever waver from God’s love for you. God made us alive together, raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. His grace and kindness in providing salvation, resurrection, and our place in authority are eternal. He wants to show His kindness for eternity; His goodness stretches backward as well as forward. God extends His grace, but we have to receive it. We can’t boast about our faith or our salvation. Our fasting and confession on faith can become works. Recognize that all comes from God, and that He has something for you. God created you to do good works, but they are the results of your having received Him. In Gen. 2:1 God rested on the seventh day from all that He had created. He made man and female on the sixth day. (“Man” contained both male and female.) God’s last day of creation was man’s first day. Man started on God’s rest day. Salvation is like that. You start with and you rest in what God has finished, and then you work out the plans that God has invested in you. What God has finished, He’s not going to do anymore. He’s already answered your prayers and provided for what you need. God is the Creator. He is eternal. He is immutable. Our finite minds can’t comprehend an infinite God, but understand that your life is intricately planned. Look at creation. Look at how intricate your body is. Imagine how much design and planning God put into your days. II Tim. 1:9 It’s according to His purpose and grace which was given us before time began. Your salvation was before the world began. He knew all of your problems since time began and had an answer already prepared. He had a whole eternity to work out your problem. Pastor Dale tells about an experience of God’s prepared answer for him when he was in Washington, D. C. His purpose for you is being worked out in your life. Receive the grace of God. God is not caught by surprise at our sin. If we fail to see God’s plans, He has many back-up plans. His nature is unchangeable, and it’s love. Don’t fail to receive God’s grace! Pastor Dale tells about God’s working things out for his friend, Gene Olon, who was ministering in Romania. He also relates about God’s connection in Andorra and about another experience with Gene Olon, when Gene was beaten up in Romania and was missing. Your life and your days are not chance. You can miss the grace of God, but He knew you would sin. God designed you for victory. I Cor. 15:57 and II Cor. 2:14 tell us that God gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. God knows, prepares, and provides for us.