The Word Will Work for You

Sunday December 19, 2010

In Isaiah 55:8-11 we learn that God’s thoughts and ways are on a higher level than ours. In order to apply what we know, we must drop our old way of thinking and grab hold of God’s thinking, like taking out the old tape recording (or CD) and putting in a new one. You will reap what you sow (Gal. 6), so sow positive-Word thoughts. Your thought-life is not faith, but it can bring you to faith. God tells us that His Word will accomplish what He pleases, and it will prosper in the thing for which He sent it. Spend time with the Lord to know His voice. It’s only the planted Word that changes people. Hold onto the rhema word and verses that God drops into your spirit. Satan is afraid of the seed being planted, but God watches over His Word to perform it (Jer. 1:12). Release and hear God’s Word, and then do what He has told you to do. Identify with the Word He’s spoken to you. Don’t fight what you need and who you are in Christ Jesus.