The Vision of the Church Part 2

Sunday April 15, 2012

Offering messages: Text: Luke 6:38. It’s the same measure or manner you give that is given back to you, not the same amount. BE QUICK TO GIVE. SOW YOUR BEST. GIVE EVERY DAY. Text: Luke 15:4. BE QUICK TO OBEY. Sermon message: Text: Acts 13:1. Pastor Dale shares his many divine connections which sent him from northwestern PA to Armenia, the Philippines, Ukraine, Russia, and Argentina. God kept showing him that He could quickly place him in front of a large number of people. He also relates how Pastor Sydney Ropp from Colorado became connected to CWI Lancaster and will be going on a ministry trip to Oregon. What else does it take to be in God’s will? Being faithful, recognizing positions of authority, praying, fasting, and pressing in, and ministering to the Lord. Pastor Dale asked us to be praying for him while he is away and to prepare for “The 99” by coming for training on Wednesday evenings.