The Two Hands of Victory

Sunday August 21, 2011

Offering message: Judges 6:6 Israel cried out to God in a time of need and revival came through Gideon. Sometimes finances cause you to cry out to God. Sermon notes: (Pastor Vitali preached in the Slavic language, and it was translated.) Encouragement: God is not finished with America. America will again be an example of faith. I John 5:4, Whatever is born of God overcomes the world, and this is the victory that overcomes the world- our faith. The one who overcomes the world is the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God. Look at things with the eyes of Jesus: He reigns absolutely. We have faith to overcome the sinful system. Don’t be silent, but speak of the Lord. Ex. 17:8-14 tells of Moses needing the support of Aaron and Hur to win the battle. When you face opposition, you should be strong in the Lord, stand firm, and overcome. The victorious cross of Jesus Christ is the nucleus around which our lives revolve. Transform the victory of God into your daily walk. Everyday when the problems come, you must do something in the Spirit. If you’re tired of believing, the devil has deceived you because you weren’t really believing. Be renewed in the revelation of Christ as the living God, your Savior, your Messiah, the Son of the living God. Jesus gave you the victory. If you make mistakes and fall, don’t ignore them. Find honor, strength, and power in your life to resolve them. See yourself above the problems and hold up your hands. The first hand of victory is to speak and confess victory. The second hand that supports victory is a clean, pure life. When you sin, you lose power. God gives restoration through the blood of Jesus. Confession and a decision of a pure life establish God’s victory. That problem that is raging against you now, hear God say that He will remove even the memory of it.