The Spirit of Man: Who Is Hindering You

Wednesday October 19, 2011

In Rom. 1:9-13, Rom. 15:22, and I Thess. 2:17, 18 Paul writes that often he was hindered from coming to be with the church by circumstances he couldn’t control. Even with amazing things happening, Paul was hindered by Satan. Things don’t always go the way we planned because of adversaries. You have to be determined to fight for the will of God, and don’t just take what life gives you. In I Cor. 16:9 Paul wrote that a great and effectual door was opened to him, and there were many adversaries. Then in Acts 16:5-13 Paul was forbidden by the Holy Spirit to go to preach the Word in Asia. There are some places God does not want you to go. So, you have to determine if it is Satan hindering you or God forbidding you by the Holy Spirit. Regardless, keep moving. God clarified His will to Paul through a vision in Troas. Years later, in II Cor. 2:11-13 Paul came to Troas again, and this time a door was opened for him by the Lord, and he went to Macedonia. The door that was opened to him was a prison door. Your experiences get shaken by Satan. Come back to your spirit. Check your heart. Acts 16:25 In the midnight hour, what is your heart telling you? When you don’t know what to do, praise and pray. In II Cor. 2:12-15 the earthquake opened all the prison doors, and the jailer and his household were saved. There is always victory in your problem. Don’t be quick to run away from problems and victories. You don’t know the impact on others of even one of your victories.