The Seer Anointing

Saturday August 27, 2011

If you can be a worshiper, you can have anything. Worship is the language of all mankind and is collective expression in God’s direction. We are created to worship Him. Expression is uncontrollable love unrestrained. Learn to be a worshiper. This is the day of the Lord, not the day of the preacher. When you are a Christian, you are living in the kingdom, and there is no lack. You are a king living in the kingdom, and we are family. Depression lasts as long as you let it. The older people must stand as mothers and fathers for this generation. Prisons are full of men who didn’t have fathers. The young ones will have God’s ability. We are the light of the world. People want to know Jesus. Jesus went to where the sinners were. Be in this world, but don’t be of it. Let your light shine and get the heartbeat of this generation to be affective. People are crying out for the love of God. They want to worship and want to be loved, but they never heard the real Jesus. Keith told of being in Singapore and about people with tatooed and pierced bodies lying before God in an altar call. This generation will go out on the streets to minister. God said that He would pour out His Spirit on all flesh and that the sons and daughters would prophesy. The word for this generation is the revelation of seeing. Rev. 4:1 says that he (John) looked and a door opened in heaven, and God said He would show him things to come. God has the answer for every situation. Speak and send out the Word through your mouthpiece. God has a word for you for everything you’re going through, and everything has already gone through the Father’s hand. You’re in the hands of the God who stilled the waters. He’s setting up people to help you. He has everything under control. Enjoy Jesus. He loves you, and He’s a lot of fun. God can turn things around in 24 hours, like in the book of Samuel, when the Jews went from starvation and cannibalism to abundance in one day. God is doing things now. Turn your looking into SEEING. This is a SEEING generation with a seeing anointing. We need to see some things about our money, our relationships, our jobs, our ministries, our future, and about the Word of God. Many of Jesus’ followers were lookers, not seers. They didn’t see His face. See the lost through the eyes of Jesus. Keith tells about a beggar boy in Paris and how he ministered to him by the Spirit of God telling him to give him a new cup filled with Euros and to tell him that Jesus cares for him. The anointing and and love of Jesus in us reaches out to others. We need to know what and how to do things to be successful without wasting time and money. An anointing on the congregation’s eyes was released for each person to be a seer. This anointing is for others. We often ask, “Why can’t that person see what they’re doing?” People don’t want to think for themselves. The direction of this nation is to not think for themselves, but to just expect what they need. This night is the last night we will look. We are seers.